Function and Fashion: Coffee Tables for Every Style

By Steve George

October 18, 2023Home & Decor

The core of every household is the living room, where most families spend their time. And the heart of every living room is the coffee table. It’s where the best conversations happen. So, this piece of furniture doesn’t just symbolise functionality, which is its primary purpose, but it also brings style and character to your living room.

The Role of Coffee Tables and the Different Types Out There 

arlo coffee table elm wood

Sometimes people wonder “Is it good to have a coffee table?”. A coffee table isn’t just a convenient surface for you to put items like coffee or the TV remote; it’s a place where family and friends gather. Of course, you will use it as a place to place objects, but its role is more diverse than that.

carefully chosen designer coffee table will bring life to your home; it will showcase your style and your ability to turn your home into a place of relaxation and comfort.

In your quest to find the perfect coffee table for your living room, you will encounter all sorts of tables made of different materials, designs, styles and shapes. Here are the most common types. 


If you aren’t quite sure which style and type you want for your home, the best option to start with is always the good old traditional, wooden coffee table. These timeless pieces radiate elegance and sophistication, as they often feature intricate woodwork and rich finishes. They are a staple in interior design, as they have been around for many years and have everlasting beauty and style.

Traditional coffee tables come in many shapes, such as oval, rectangle or round, each with an inviting energy and all kinds of ornate details to make your living room the perfect place to have a cup of coffee.


arlo side table elm wood

Contemporary coffee tables are all about embracing the clean, minimalistic aesthetic. If you prefer a more simplistic look, these are perfect for you. Now, contemporary is a very broad term, so there are many features you need to take into account to find the one that will suit your living room. 

One of the key characteristics of these tables is the material. Depending on your style and preference, you’ve got many options to choose from.

If you want to create an airy and open ambience in your room, pick a glass table. However, keep in mind that glass is one of the most easily breakable materials. Metal tables feature a more industrial look, and unlike glass, they won’t break.

One of the best materials for a contemporary piece is marble. Putting aside its aesthetic appeal, it’s also very easy to maintain, and it is very durable.


Rustic tables, with their timeless and natural charm, help to establish a cosy and inviting atmosphere. Most rustic pieces are made out of wood and exude a sense of history and nostalgia. These pieces fit into every type of interior design, making them an excellent choice. 


arlo side table coffee

For a household where sustainability and environmental consciousness are very important subjects, eco-friendly coffee tables are a big must.
Coffee tables made of bamboo are a very popular eco-friendly option since bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants on earth. Another similar option is rattan, which is yet another fastest-growing plant, and furniture made of rattan is also very durable. 

How to Style Your Coffee Table 

After you’ve found the right designer coffee table for you, it’s time for the fun part: decorating and styling it. When it comes to decor, again, it all depends on the type you have chosen, but there are some items that look great on any table.


cuba rattan side table

You might think that flowers are a very basic way to decorate, but every space that has flowers, be it the kitchen or the living room, looks a thousand times better. Flowers add a touch of natural beauty and colour, and on top of all, they bring freshness and smell amazing. It is up to you whether you want to use fresh flowers or artificial ones, but in any case, your coffee table will look very stylish.


If you look at any picture of a coffee table, you will notice that one thing is always there: books. Depending on how big your table is, books will fill up space and add colour, height and variety. You can include all sorts of books, novels, art books, travel guides or cookbooks.


havana rectangular rattan coffee table

It might seem weird to some people, but trays are an amazing decoration, and they are a way to incorporate colour and shape into your coffee table design. They are also practical, as they can be used to hold various other items.

Personal Touch 

If your coffee table is big enough and there’s room on it, you can use that space to create a small display of things you like and things that have sentimental value. You can put some family photos, artwork or even some books that hold a special place in your heart.

Seasonal Decor 

havana round rattan coffee table

We all love to use seasonal decor, and for a reason. Each season comes with its own beauty, and you can show off your decorations for each season on your table. From colourful spring and summer decorations to festive autumn and winter ones, seasonal decor allows you to infuse the tablescape with the unique charm of each season.

Choosing the Right Piece for Your Home 

In the world of interior design, coffee tables are what bring the living room together. They are the perfect mixture of function and fashion. Although finding the right piece for your home can sometimes be exhausting, when you do find it, it is like the last missing piece of a puzzle. With the right choice of table, you can transform your living room into the cosiest and most fashionable place in your house, where everyone will feel comfortable and relaxed.