Our Tips for Glamming Up Your Bathroom Without Spending a Fortune

By Maria Rogerson

September 19, 2019House & Garden

The bathroom should be your private sanctuary, a place where you get a splash of energy every morning and refresh yourself in the evening after a day of hard work. If that’s not the case, then it’s perhaps time to redecorate.

If you’re like most people, your bathroom probably hasn’t had much of a makeover since you moved in. Maybe the reason we tend to avoid refreshing the look of our bathroom is the fact that we paid so much for it in the first place. Many of the elements in the bathroom are costly, and as such aren’t easily replaced.


But you don’t need to start a complete makeover project for your bathroom to get a new and improved look. When done right, even the smallest of changes can be enough to make a big impact. So, if you love the thought of owning a glamourous bathroom but aren’t too keen on the idea of spending a fortune to get one, here are some tips to help you do it.

Throw Out Everything Plastic

If you ask me, plastic is one of the biggest enemies of modern society. Besides polluting our soil and oceans, plastic items make the home look unappealing. And where is there more plastic than in the bathroom? Sure, we’re all buying toilet paper holders, soap dispensers, towel racks and shower curtain rails made of plastic simply because they’re super cheap. But cheap also often means poor quality, which is why these plastic bathroom accessories easily get damaged or get that dirty and yellowish appearance that’s so common with plastic.

So, instead of replacing them every few months, why not invest in something that’s durable and has a more appealing look at the same time? For instance, instead of your old and faded racks, get yourself some sleek bathroom towel rails made of durable, polished metal. There’s no limit to the designs you can choose, from shiny chrome rails that scream cleanliness to sleek matte black rails that give the space an edgy, contemporary vibe. Once you invest in some of these bathroom towel rails, you’re basically settled for life. They won’t get discoloured or damaged easily, ensuring that your bathroom always has a polished look.

And if you want to go a step further, there are also heated bathroom towel rails that you can conveniently plug into your bathroom power outlet. This way, your towels will dry super quick so that you won’t ever have to experience that icky feeling of wiping your face with a damp towel. Plus, I’m sure you’ll love being able to wrap yourself in a warm towel during the colder winter months. Despite sounding like they’re some kind of state-of-the-art innovation, heated bathroom towel rails are not that more expensive than regular metal towel racks.

Clear the Clutter

Sometimes, it’s the clutter that’s preventing your bathroom from having a serene look. Dirty laundry on the floor, towels on the shower curtain, and shampoo bottles on the sink – if that sounds like your bathroom, you need to put a strict method of organization in place. To get the stuff off your sink, try installing some sleek wall shelves. In addition to being a smart storage solution, wall shelving can also be perfect for adding a decorative touch to the bathroom with the help of potted plants, candles books, and similar cute décor items. You can also use the space under the sink by placing storage baskets and other containers. If the space is too small to fit a towel cabinet, get a bathroom towel rail with multiple bars to help you sort your towels neatly.

Drop the Curtain

Sure, shower curtains are practical and prevent the floor from getting wet. But they also look cheap and can make a small bathroom seem tinier than it is. What’s more, shower curtains are especially prone to developing mould. Considering this, a much better alternative is to get a glass shower enclosure. The addition of glass in the bathroom can make it seem more modern and glamorous looking. And the fact that glass screens are see-through and present no visual obstruction to the space, they can help make the bathroom feel larger and airier. Plus, a shower enclosure can showcase any decorative tiles surrounding the shower area.

Use Lighting to Create Mood

Bathroom Lighting

Photographers always use lighting tricks to make the objects of their art more appealing. And you too can use the same trick to transform your bathroom. Simply by switching your bathroom bulbs with ones that are closer to natural light, the space can seem more soothing and pleasant. Avoid yellow lights and cold or fluorescent lighting, and instead, opt for 2700K LEDs which are perfect for simulating the effects of soft sunlight. In addition, you can also try to install a dimmer switch which can allow you to regulate the intensity of the light depending on the occasion. This way, you can switch between full intensity for visibility during your grooming rituals and low intensity for creating a more calming and romantic atmosphere when you want to wind down with a shower or soak.