Want to Know Why Our Tip is to Invest in Weather Stations? Check their Benefits!

By Maria Rogerson

September 19, 2019Toys

Like it or not, we are dependent on weather up to a certain point, both for personal and work-related reasons, much like our ancestors were. Ever since ancient times people have tried to produce forecasts using their astronomical knowledge along with relying on meteorological observations and folklore.

Many philosophers had made their speculations throughout history, some even went as far as creating theories and writing whole texts like Aristotle did back around 340 BC, though people have discussed and tried to predict the future of the sky before in cultures all over the world such as India known for their writings on seasonal cycles as far as 3000 BC.

Some of these methods of prediction and theories were helpful, others not exactly to say the least and that’s what led to the need for precision and the beginning of creation of instruments in the middle of the 15th century, the first being a hygrometer, followed by the notable thermoscope of Galileo Galilei in 1607 and Torricelli’s barometer in 1643.

Fast forward to today, there have been many more instruments and achievements in this field, and thanks to the advancements in technology we can now count on ingenious weather stations.

As sophisticated as they are, you don’t have to be a professional meteorologist to make use of them and yes, I’m saying this even in a time when we can easily check the forecast on our smartphones. In fact, it’s their multi-use design that’s made them grow so popular as of late.

Why Invest in Them?

In the era of smartphones these stations make a worthy investment because of all the benefits they bring about. Moreover, you’ve got plenty of styles to choose from, apart from the convenient prices, and features depending on how much it is you want out of a weather station.

Some designs are sleek, like the Oregon stations, others are traditional as is the case with the Galileo clock that’s both a thermometer and analog clock, and then there are those presented in interesting shapes like the cloud storm glass, teadrop, brass and plexiglass dome and plasma lighting ball to name a few.

Aside from this vast variety making weather stations great pieces for upgrading your interior décor and serve as part of the home aesthetics, they make an ideal gift for any forecast enthusiast or individual wanting to have a weather heads-up in a trendy way.

Alongside aesthetics, let’s just say you’ll always know when to carry a jacket or an umbrella when you head out! What this means is you’d be able to get real-time data so you’d no longer have to depend on meteorologists, meteorology departments or the TV weather reports.

Since Australia’s climate is diverse, different eco-zones over the territory, from the desert to the savannah, weather can change from one moment to the next and having a weather station can provide you with the needed information real-time, as well as alerts in case of a sudden change like storms, or worse, tropical cyclones part of Australian summers.

It’s a no-brainer they’re ideal when it comes to staying safe and keeping your home safe at that protecting it from damage in no time and best of all is the readings are as accurate as can be because the station is right in your home, as opposed to relying on a forecast based on the professionals’ reports of stations which may or may not be close to you.

There’s no more relying on weather lore either, remembering things passed down from generation to generation like “Dew on the grass, no rain will come to pass” or the saying “When flies bite excessively, it’s a sign of rain” noted in antiquity by Aristotle’s student Theophrastus.

If the complexity of stations is troubling you, have in mind you don’t have to be a meteorologist to be able to use them, they’re created to be user-friendly so you get specific readings for the area where you live hassle-free. Yes, this beneficial aspect goes for installation and maintenance too, so how does that sound for an investment?

You can use this high performance data to share with family and friends anytime anywhere through apps on smartphones thanks to the wireless interaction made possible with latest models of stations that can easily become part of automation gadgets in smart homes, keeping loved ones up to date and warning them prior to emergencies.

Likewise, you have a clue of the temperature inside your home thanks to the integrated thermometers along with the moist control thus you’re able to prevent mould and bacteria growth, making the home safe for everyone, even pets and you won’t have to undertake challenging projects of getting rid of mould.

You’re Always Prepared!

Know how unpredictable weather can ruin your plans? Well, this isn’t likely when you have one of the cool weather stations so it doesn’t matter if you’re planning an event outdoors, throwing a BBQ, birthday or anniversary party, going camping, hiking, running, cycling, travelling or starting construction and renovation, whatever it is you love doing you or tend to invest in can be carried on with worry-less.

In other words, they allow you to plan and this is also true for farmers and gardeners because you have plenty of time to find out when you ought to plant, harvest, water and prepare for a storm, strong winds or frost, protecting your plants well ahead; as a result you improve your managing of the gardening chores.

There’s no doubt these devices are meant to serve as outstanding learning tools as well for adults and kids alike considering they provide you the insight into weather changes and conditions. Thanks to them weather study can become your favourite daily activity as a family!

Being your own meteorologist involves more than simply finding out about and measuring temperature, wind speed, air pressure and humidity since you’d get to know what happens when their values drastically change, observing and investigating phenomena occurring in your area and understanding more about the climate altogether.

You’d agree with me it sounds more than convincing to buy one!