Golf Buggy Trailer: Transport Your Golf Cart Quickly and Easily

By Steve George

July 27, 2021Industrial Equipment

Vehicles are getting bigger and bigger, even when it comes to hatchbacks. But one type of vehicle that hasn’t changed when it comes to its size is the golf buggy. While you can’t use golf buggies for everyday chores, if you want to be able to easily go from one to another end of your property without getting a whole workout, then they’re great. Using a golf buggy to cover a big area that is legal to drive on can be quite fun. Not only will you save your legs from all those excruciating walks you also help save the environment.

Golf Buggy Trailers


This is because you can easily find electric golf buggies that can run as well as gas-powered ones. Doesn’t matter if you golf or not, you can make use of a golf buggy anywhere you want besides on the road. Because of this, if you want to be able to drive your golf buggy at different locations you’ll need to tow it. This is where you should make use of not just any type of trailer, but a golf cart trailer, and do so in a safe fashion.

How to Secure a Golf Cart on a Trailer?

First things first, before you tow your golf buggy, you need to ensure safe travels, which is done by knowing how to properly secure the buggy to your golf buggy trailer.

1. The golf buggy needs to be driven up onto the trailer and secured by engaging the parking brake. Use a ratchet or a set of tie-down straps to secure the golf buggy to the trailer. Make sure to close the ramp and secure it using side latch pins.

2. You can do some additional stuff to ensure your golf buggy is safe, such as installing a theft deterrent and using a unique starter key. This will prevent someone from taking the buggy even if they manage to remove the tie-downs and side latch pins.

Golf Buggy Trailers


How to Transport a Golf Cart on a Trailer?

1. After the golf buggy has been safely secured onto the trailer, the first you need to do is to connect the trailer to your towing vehicle. After that, you need to attach the ball receiver over the top of the hitch ball. Next, attach the hitch ball to the tow hitch of the trailer. Don’t forget to lift the hitch latch that you will find on the trailer’s ball receiver.

2. Once you’ve done all this, it’s time to secure the ball receiver. This can be done by pulling down the latch, but make sure to secure the latch as well by using a lock or a pin. Securing the latch is done through a small hole which is located at the front part of it. Doing this will keep your trailer secure and locked in.

3. After securing the ball receiver, you then usually need to connect a wired harness from the towing vehicle to the golf buggy trailer. If needed, drop the ramp gate of the trailer when doing this. In this case, it’s important to remove the latch pins as this helps release the trailer gate. If there is no gate, then just use two ramps placed at the edge of the trailer. This can help in driving your golf buggy up the trailer.

4. Load the golf buggy by pushing it up towards the front of the trailer. When you secure it in the same way mentioned above, you then need to close the ramp. Make sure that you tow the golf buggy below the allowable speed limit. This way you will make things a lot safer as you’re going to repent any swaying going at the back. Make sure to avoid sharp turns and abrupt braking or accelerating.

Golf Buggy Trailers


What Size Trailer Do I Need for a Golf Cart?

One of the most important things, if not the most important thing when it comes to golf cart trailers is their size. If the size of the trailer isn’t able to fit the golf buggy then why are you even getting it? Usually, the standard size of a golf cart trailer comes in at 1.5m x 3m.

In case your golf cart isn’t of the typical size, then you should consider getting a bigger trailer or a custom made one. The smallest golf cart trailers you can get are 1.5m x 2.4m. The width of a golf cart trailer is usually the same, with the length being the one that changes the dimensions since golf buggies usually come longer rather than wider.


Golf buggies are fun to drive, we all know that, but the fact that you can bring that sort of fun anywhere you want is something that not everyone is aware of. Towing a golf buggy is done the same as towing camping gear and equipment or anything else. Just make sure to get the right size trailer and plan ahead when towing your buggy and you’ll enjoy driving it in no time.