Light Up Your Night: Tips for Choosing the Right Lamp for Your Home

By Maria Rogerson

July 27, 2021Home & Decor

The lighting solutions we choose for our homes can make or break the atmosphere. Appropriate lighting is the key to creating a functional and stylish space, and the way it’s executed affects the entire interior décor. There are numerous ways in which you can choose to light up an area but one thing’s for sure – you can’t disregard the importance of lighting.

One thing you can do to create an enjoyable space is to include lamps. No matter where you put them, they’ll make that romantic, magical ambience that relaxes and helps us forget all the worries of the day. What makes lamps awesome is their versatility. They can be found in any size, colour, and design.

What’s more, they’re easy to use and easy to reach when we don’t feel like getting up to find the light switch. They don’t disturb the person next to us as bright room lights do, and you can even leave them on all night, which is very useful for people who are afraid of the dark or those who don’t like to sleep in entirely dark rooms. Plus, they make excellent decorative elements that you can incorporate in any room décor.

Types of Lamp Switches You Can Choose from

touch lampThe switch is an integral part of lamps and the reason why they are so useful. Lamps usually have their switches close to them, which makes it easy to operate them. Since there are always new ways to make something work, the newest technology enables you to use your touch to turn on/off a lamp, hence the name touch lamps. If you’re enthusiastic about modern technologies and want to turn your home smart, this is the way to go.

More and more devices can be controlled through apps, which means less clutter in your space because there’s no need for controllers. With a touch lamp, you don’t even need an app. There aren’t any cords and switches, you should just use your finger. Usually, there are three ways in which a touch lamp can work:

  • Using human body temperature – Takes advantage of the warmth of our body and the lamp turns on when it detects the warmth of our finger;
  • Using resistance – Since the human body can conduct electricity, when we place the finger on the lamp, it closes the circuit and turns the lamp on;
  • Using capacitance – The lamp and our bodies both have capacitance, so the circuit detects a change in the lamp’s capacitance upon touch and activates the light.

Besides touch-sensitive lamp switches, there are other switches that we’re all familiar with. They can be built into the lamp, connected to a cord, or even installed on a nearby wall. You can choose between push-buttons, toggles, and rocker switches that just have on and off positions. For changing the level of brightness, dimmer and other similar types of switches are used. You can also control the brightness of touch lamps, usually by touching them multiple times until you get the desired brightness.

When selecting the ideal lamp, consider all of the available switch options, and you can even choose it according to the room. For instance, it might be more convenient for you to use a touch-sensitive lamp in the bedroom but not in the living room because guests or kids can easily turn it on for no reason.

Different Types of Lamps to Get for Your Home

floor lampsTable Lamps as the Ideal Off-the-Floor Solution

Table lamps can be used in any room and available space. Because they can be found in a variety of sizes, you can place them everywhere you want or have a need for. This can be a side table in the living room, a small table in the hallway, or even a table beside the tub in the bathroom when you really want to take relaxation to the next level. A gorgeous touch table lamp is essential for creating a functional bedside area. Every bedside table needs a lamp that comes in handy and completes the décor of the room. You can opt for smaller ones for purely aesthetic reasons and little lighting or larger ones with fascinating designs that will be the accent of the room.

Floor Lamps as Statement Pieces in the Room

When floor space isn’t a problem, go for floor lamps. They are more powerful than table lamps so they’re used when you have a need for brighter light. Put them in a corner of a room for providing extra illumination or place them next to a sofa, chair, or bed to help you when reading or doing other tasks. They come in numerous styles, such as club lamps, torchiere, tree lamps, and many others. When picking the design, consider the overall style of the room and the materials of the other furniture items so the floor lamp can blend in perfectly.

Desk Lamps When You Need Focused Lighting

This is another type of lamp that is similar to table lamps but used for more specific purposes because it directs the light to a smaller area. They’re primarily used for working on your desk but also for reading, writing, drawing, sewing, etc. Since workspaces can often be cluttered with many items, you need a simple design that doesn’t take up much space. Just like there are touch table lamps, you can find touch-sensitive desk lamps that are practical, small, and perfect for any available space.