Our Tips on How to Choose the Right Fishing Jacket

By Steve George

July 23, 2014Fishing Sports

All professional fishermen that have found themselves battling the ice cold conditions in winter and rainy weather in early spring, understand the importance of a quality fishing jacket. Even though it can be used in summer time as well, still most fishermen mostly wear a fishing jacket when on a trip to northern destinations or other cold places where retaining body heat is necessary in order to stay comfortable while fishing.

Fishing Jacket

As a professional fisherman you need to spend a little more on a fishing jacket made from material that keeps you warm during winter and cool on hot summer days. There is no point of buying a cheap fishing jacket that won’t keep you dry during rainy conditions. Look for a jacket made from waterproof material which will protect you from rain and will keep your body well protected. Follow our simple guide for buying the right fishing jacket:

Pockets – The pockets are probably the most useful thing in a fishing jacket. Ideal for stashing small tools or items you need for fishing. A quality fishing jacket should at least have two main pockets on the front and few small pockets located on the inside. The large pocket can be used for storing tools, fly boxes or leather materials, while the smaller ones for licenses or small baits.

Neoprene Cuffs – Another thing you need to look at when shopping for a fishing jacket is a neoprene cuffs. A good fishing jacket will have some sort of coat cuffs that will keep the icy-cold water from going up your wrist. Since your hands will be wet all the time, it is important to buy fishing jacket with neoprene cuffs.

Removable Lining – As stated above, you will be using the fishing jacket for both summer and winter days. Since fishermen are exposed to harsh weather conditions, it is a good idea to buy one that has removable lining to keep you extra warm. A fishing jacket with a removable lining is best since you don’t always plan trips ahead, so you don’t know whether you going to need it or not.

Weatherproof Outer Shell – All fishing jackets are made of waterproof materials, but the question is how long the material will keep you dry. Some jackets are made of material that will repel the water but won’t last long after few scratches. Therefore, keep an eye on the material and find the one that will keep the water away from your body.

Hoods – A fishing jacket with a hood is quite useful in many situations. When shopping for a fishing jacket with a hood, make sure that the hood is large enough to fit another hat. On windy or rainy days, the hood will provide extra protection.