Industrial Style 101: Tips on How to Bring the Popular Look into Your Home

By Maria Rogerson

January 11, 2023Home & Decor

Are you looking for ideas on how to reshape your interior? Do you need some out-of-the-box ideas that will give a whole new look to your home? If your answer is yes, you may be considering the industrial style which has grown quite popular recently.

This type of interior decorating style is all about stylish spaces with a certain chic warehouse look, merging the old and the new. Some of the architectural elements it includes are bare bricks, wood, iron, and metal which are used to create a raw but modern look. The sharp edges and textures give this style a rough edge which is quite evident in modern apartments. Also, the unfinished look that this style calls for includes exposed pipes and similar other structures.

Industrial style is known for its open spaces, which are always clean, functional, and decluttered. The imperfect look, as well as the combination of both machinery and elegance, are the hallmark of this style. Here’s what you should know about it in order to capture its essence in your home.

Where Does This Style Originate From?


To fully understand this style, we have to dig deeper into history. In fact, it started in 1700, inspired by the Industrial Revolution, replicating the machine era that was emerging. Also, the vacant old buildings with plenty of high-quality materials left to be used were a great way for this style to emerge.

When these old industrial buildings have been repurposed into residential buildings, they were decorated with new items , while keeping some of the old elements untouched.

Ways to Get a Chic Industrial Interior


Keep the following things in mind when buying industrial furniture and accessories and decorating your home.

Use Metal Furniture and Fixtures

Metal furniture in grey, black, or neutral colours will be great if you want to introduce this style into your interior. Consider adding pieces such as cross-back dining chairs with metal legs, a TV unit with hairpin legs, a metal bookshelf and a metal coffee table.

Things such as pipes, vents, fixtures and taps should be exposed, rather than being covered or hidden. To celebrate metal, you can also consider Edison-style light fixtures. This type of pendant lighting can create quite a retro atmosphere, especially when paired with raw metal furniture.

Black metal finish accessories are the most popular decor pieces for this style. They can be ideally combined with lighter shades of wood and bring about a little contrast.

Mix and Match Modern and Vintage Details

Most of the time, the furniture added to industrial spaces doesn’t scream comfort, but rather simplicity. Therefore, sofas and armchairs can be made of worn-in leather which usually goes along with the earthy shades of copper and wood.

Some of the additional elements that can be introduced are minimalistic metro tiles, as well as decorative floor tiles in the bathroom with a wooden or metal sink area. When it comes to bathroom tiles, you can also experiment a bit and think out of the box, including penny-tile designs. The penny-tile design will give your bathroom a metal look, which as you know, is ideal for this style.

The windows and doors can also play an important role in adding up to the industrial look of your home. When grilled windows are black, they can easily make the space resemble an old factory which is exactly the look you want to achieve.

Create a Palette of Neutral Colours

Industrial-inspired apartments almost always revolve around minimalism. To get the minimalist look, use a minimalist colour palette consisting of neutral and muted shades. So, if you want to introduce some industrial furniture to your interior design make sure to choose pieces with monochromatic colours, such as grey, black, or white.

In addition, some smaller details in the home can be in contrasting colours, such as red, yellow, orange or green. However, monochromatic colours should prevail and they should be used on larger objects. The contrasting colours – can be used only for the purpose of accentuating a certain detail, such as a pillow, armchair, a small rug, etc.

Bring in Some Distressed Furniture

Looking for second-hand furniture can come in handy in industrial style. In fact, every piece of furniture should speak for itself and also represent authenticity. If you cannot find well-preserved but used statement pieces, you can always shop for new industrial-style furniture that will be ideal for your home. Also, there are plenty of DIY ideas that you can follow on how to create vintage furniture on your own!

To Sum Up


I sure hope that the tips above will help you in choosing the right furniture and accessories for your home. In fact, there is plenty of industrial furniture online which comes in different shapes and sizes. If you shop smart, repurpose beautiful old things and think out of the box, I’m positive that the final result will be a truly unique industrial-inspired space