Innovative Electrical Solutions: A Guide to the Clipsal Saturn Series

By Steve George

August 16, 2023Electronics

Australian homes are not only some of the largest in terms of overall floor space, but they’re also some of the most expensive. Put this down to the high plot prices, or the fact that we want all the amenities and luxuries currently available. The building frenzy in the last couple of decades has seen both a swathe of new developments, and many older homes seeing a makeover. Homeowners aren’t shy when it comes to renovations, and when getting the necessities and a few niceties that make life easier and more enjoyable. While switches and sockets may not be the first items in your renovation to-buy list, they certainly make a statement in the overall look of your home, as well as comply with current Australian standards relating to electrical supplies and general safety.

One company synonymous with all things electrical is Clipsal. The Adelaide-based firm has been a staple in the Aussie market for close to a century, and become a household name. You won’t find a home that doesn’t have at least one switch or power point carrying the Clipsal name. The company’s current lineup of switches and sockets is more diverse than ever, and tailored to meet different customer needs in terms of aesthetics, functionality, features, safety and overall price. The range kicks off with the affordable and functional C2000 series, moves on to the Iconic series in both the Essence and Styl options, and culminates in the Clipsal Saturn Series.

Why Choose Sockets and Switches from the Saturn Series?

clipsal saturn series

If you’re after unrivalled style, functionality and clean, minimalist looks, backed up by superior materials and the highest safety standards, then the Saturn Series is you. Each product in the line is tailored to suit any architecturally designed home, appealing to anyone with a desire for the latest styles and fashions. Clipsal has designed its Saturn line of switches and electrical accessories to be like no other 250V electrical accessory currently sold. You get a seamless electrical solution in a range of appealing finishes and colours, whether you go for the Ocean Mist, Espresso Black or Pure White options to enhance any decor, without foregoing exceptional functionality.

Add to this the Saturn Horizon range of switches and accessories, in clean, textural metallic finishes, and a subdued colour palette, from Horizon Silver or Horizon Black, to accentuate or blend any interior feature or setting. These additionally are supplied with charcoal frames, and simple and smooth push-button operation and are ideal for today’s modern kitchens and interiors.

What the Saturn Range Encompasses

clipsal saturn series

Wall Switches

The exceptional style is paired with practicality. Wall switches in the Clipsal Saturn Series can accommodate up to six individual switches, meaning less clutter and control over several lights or appliances from the same fixture. All switches can also be equipped with LED indicator lights, handy when finding your way in the dark or knowing if the switch is on or off. And there’s the possibility of labelling each switch, for instance differentiating between light and fan switches in bathrooms or when switching lights in different bedrooms. Each labelled switch is paired with the appropriate mech and in the right current rating.

Single, Double and Quad Power Points

The Saturn line includes wall sockets in a single, dual or quad configuration, and each is switchable for added safety. While single and double switches are often reserved for low to medium-power needs, high-power areas like living rooms and kitchens are best served with the Saturn quad wall sockets to accommodate multiple plugs. The spacing between the two sets of twin sockets is a neat solution for larger plugs and chargers. Again, there’s thought put into function and form in the same stylish product.

Fan Controllers, Dimmers and More

Controlling the airflow from ceiling sweep fans is easy with any of the dedicated fan controllers in the Clipsal Saturn Series. These meld into the surrounding backgrounds, without looking out of place. Additionally, the long list of other practical switches and electrical accessories ups usability. Look to dimmer switches in the Saturn line to alternate between different light intensities and settings, from a soft glow to intense white light. The same dimmer switch has an on/off function and the dimming mechanism in one neat unit. Customers can also go with the company’s C-Thru dimmers where there’s the need to control light output in different lighting options, such as incandescent lamps, 240v halogen lamps, dichroic lighting and more.

In terms of electrical accessories, the Saturn range includes different wall plates, meaning connecting TVs, home theatre components and computers can be done in the same stylish fashion as found in the switches and sockets in the rest of the house. Wall plates are specially designed to fit the Clipsal range of data jacks, HDMI connectors, ethernet ports and related connections for a smooth and clutterless look. And when safety standards are a priority, such as new requirements when wiring kitchen ovens, Clipsal has got you covered. Go for the isolated cooker switches for carefree use. Lastly, let’s not forget that the Saturn and Saturn Horizon lines have architrave options where space is tight, and blank cover plates in areas where you plan to upgrade with future wiring and connections.