Internal Combustion Engine: Increase Your Car’s Power

By Steve George

March 22, 2021Cars

Close up of Internal Combustion Engine

One of our most valuable assets nowadays is our cars. These machines have made our life easier and better in the most diverse aspects, including getting to work anywhere on time, grabbing a ride to see our friends or visit any place we want. However, if you only focus on the functions, you can overlook a central aspect. The fundamental essence of all cars is the technological and mechanical wonder they are. And a powerful distinction of that is the speed and power they can achieve.
These features are, in short, called performance. There are many ways to boost the performance of your vehicle. The examples that come to mind are brakes, tyres, throttle control, etc. Yet, there are specialised car performance parts that directly impact your engine. The engine, of course, produces the power that your car uses, and it consists of several parts. That said, the goal of this article is to provide tips for how to choose the right parts for an internal combustion engine. The goal is to increase your car’s power, but also preserve your engine longevity, so it is a vital step to how long its life will be

The Parts 

close-up of car engine parts

The internal combustion engine provides durability and drivability through a process known as combustion. This process releases energy from a mixture of air and fuel. The fuel comes from the fuel injection system, which is burned inside the engine. There are a few essential automotive performance parts that play a role in the combustion process. 


A defining part of any engine is the cylinder, which pumps with every combustion to produce energy. Depending on the number of cylinders, the performance of the car will also improve. However, the piston is the piece that connects to these cylinders, and its purpose is to transfer the force from these cylinders to the next pieces. 
If you’re looking to buy new ones, you need to keep in mind the type of fuel the car uses. Here too, petrol and diesel make a difference. If you make this mistake, you could possibly permanently ruin your car’s engine. Additionally, you want to consider the brand and the model. If you get new pistons, it can mean a serious high-end upgrade to your vehicle. However, keep in mind that most are produced for racing and are not intended for high-kilometre usage. 


The next part is the crankshaft. It is connected to the pistons by the connecting rod. It is considered the backbone of the internal combustion engine as it converts linear motion to rotational motion. As they take the brute force of the engine, they need to have a high-fatigue endurance and wear resistance for long life. If you want to buy a new one, you must also be careful about the brand and model as well as the dimensions and the litre usage, which must be appropriate to the crankshaft.

Stroker Kits

close-up of stroker kit

If you want to increase your power outside of these mainstay parts of the engine, stroker kits are your ideal solution. These pieces function in such a way that they lengthen the movement of the piston. As it does this, the stroke also increases, which, consequently, turns the crankshaft more, resulting in more power. This power is torque, and it leads to a faster car. Brand, model, and dimensions all play a role here as well. However, stroker kits are only intended for petrol cars and require a detailed dissembling of the engine and putting the key components back together. 

Benefits and Care

driving a car

When it comes to automotive performance parts, the two biggest advantages that should convince you to get them are the many benefits and the care for your car. They pack quite a punch as they have a huge impact on the power of your vehicle and how long it lasts. Cars, after all, are an investment, so it’s reasonable to do your best for them to be at peak performance at all times for the longest period. 


There are several benefits in this category that directly correspond to these parts. First of all, you’ll feel a better response from your engine in terms of power. This result is measured in mean piston speed, which is the average speed of the piston as it rotates in the engine. A smoother and more controlled response of power allows for a better ride. Furthermore, it will result in increased torque and speed. Also, you can get an improved fuel economy. With this, you can save money as you’ll spend less on fuel. Moreover, if you don’t regularly do a check on these parts or change them, you can experience a loss of power. So there can be a diminishing consequence with improper care.

Long-Term Use

Regarding the usage of your car, you must have a quality mechanic for any necessary check-ups or care. There are many symptoms that you can pick up on to see if your car engine is faulty or has any issues. The first one is to check if the car engine light is flashing, or you listen for any weird or off-putting noises coming from your engine or shaking. Simply put, investing in seasonal performance parts that can both boost your experience and save you money in the long-run is a great combination.