Money Saving Tips: 5 Reasons to Buy a Refurbished iPad

By Steve George

October 29, 2021Electronics IT Equipment Technology

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Refurbished iPads are in fact second-hand iPads that are being tested, repaired and cleaned before they are put on sale again. Once the testing and repairing are over, refurbished iPads are as good as new but have a lower price. So, if you’re thinking about getting yourself a new iPad, consider this option before spending a fortune at the Apple store.

Refurbished iPads Get Tasted Before Being Placed on the Market

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Before an Apple refurbished iPad is available to buy in the stores, it goes through a long process of restoration so that it is as good as new once you get it. After all, refurbished iPads are those that someone used before so, it’s only natural it needs some servicing and cleaning. Then again, it happens for an iPad with some sort of a defect to become refurbished too, meaning it wasn’t actively used at all.

Refurbished iPads get a new outer shell, new batteries, are fully tested and packed in brand new boxes. There’s no way you can distinct the refurbished product from the original one, and that only shows in how good of a state refurbished iPads are. Everything that doesn’t work or is damaged is being replaced (buttons, microphone) and in the end, the Apple refurbished iPad is in excellent condition.  

So, having in mind the effort put in the transformation of the second-hand iPads, this right here might be the best deal you can get for a product from a renowned brand.

Refurbished iPads Come with a Warranty

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The second best thing about the refurbished iPads is that they come with a one year warranty, the same as the new products do. This means that during this one year period if something happens to the Apple refurbished iPad or you notice it isn’t functioning properly, you can take it back to where you bought it and get it fixed free of charge. But you need to be aware that the warranty only covers manufacturing faults. If you drop and smash your iPad, pour liquids on it or try to open and repair it on your own at home, you will most definitely need to pay for the servicing because the warranty doesn’t cover that.

Nevertheless, it’s always better to get an iPad that comes with a warranty than one without one or with a warranty that lasts only 45 days. From this point of view, the refurbished iPad is a really smart purchase. For the money, you get a device that’s as good as new with the option to get it fixed or replaced in the first 365 days in case of malfunction.

The Price for a Refurbished iPad Is Lower

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Refurbished iPads are cheap for obvious reasons. Even though the product is fixed and in great working condition, it still isn’t the same as the original, never before used version. But if you’re someone that doesn’t mind the fact that the iPad has been through some repairs, you can get a great deal on it and save up a lot of money. Apple products are far from cheap. But, the refurbished versions of them are affordable and it’s an opportunity for you to get a hold of your favourite device at a lower price.  

By purchasing a refurbished iPad you can save up to more than 200$. You can use the money to buy something else like let’s say a mobile phone signal booster or a power bank. Sometimes you just need to be a smart buyer. Because in the case of the refurbished iPad, you get the same quality, but at a lower price.  

You Can Find Precisely the Model You Want

If you’re not someone that chases after the newest models of iPads and you have your eye on an older version, you can find the one you’re searching for among the refurbished iPads. Often, the older models are nowhere to be found in Apple stores, because (obviously) they’ve been replaced with new and improved versions. But that’s not the case with refurbished iPads. You can find anything among them.

It’s completely understandable if you want to save money and get an older version of an iPad instead of a brand new one. After all, the biggest difference between an old version and a new one is the price. Sure, new versions have some improved features, but nothing that will radically change your user experience. Again, it’s about how practical you want to be. And you can rest assured that the “outdated” model you have in mind will serve you just fine.  

Refurbished iPads Have the Same Features

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When you compare a regular iPad with a refurbished one, you’ll notice that when it comes to features, both are the same. Regardless of the fact that the refurbished iPad has been through some repairs, it still works the same way as the new one does.

First, refurbished iPads come along with a cable, power adaptor and a manual. Next, the screen is the same, the camera features are the same and you can pick the storage type according to your likings. You can choose one with 128GB, 256GB, 512GB and 1TB.

The iPad is a portable device, easy to manoeuvre and can go a whole day without being charged. It’s light and thin, displays vivid colours and the screen can be used for drawing too despite basic typing and watching photos and videos. iPads feature Wi-Fi connectivity as well as Bluetooth connectivity, allow you to take pictures and shoot videos of amazing quality and have sensors for face ID, accelerometer, barometer etc. The newer models even have a fast charging option meaning that you can charge your iPad in no time and continue using it.

Normally, there are some rather small differences between different versions of iPads. It all depends on which model you end up choosing. But the point is that factory iPads and refurbished iPads are all the same. There’s literally nothing that distinguishes a refurbished iPad from a new store-bought iPad. So, it’s up to you to make a smart decision.