Motorcycle Engine Oil: Basic Maintenance Tips (To Keep Your Machine Purring Like a Kitten)

By Steve George

November 24, 2016Sports Travel

If you’re a newbie biker, then acquiring information about the oil of your motorcycle is a very important move. For starters, think of the oil as the lifeblood of the motorcycle; it runs through the engine making it purr like a pussycat. You should make changing the oil in your engine a habit, and to do it, you need to know why is that so important.

There are two main reasons why the oil in the motorcycle needs to be changed regularly. The first one is an oil breakdown, which will happen over time as a result of the generated heat from the combustion process. The other one is oil contamination, which can happen in three ways: with debris from the air filter, the products of the metal-to-metal contact in the engine, and from the raised acidity of the oil which happens as a result of the combustion process.


Besides being aware of the fact that you need to change the oil and why you need to do it, another very important thing is to choose the right motorcycle engine oil. Important oil characteristics include something like the ability of the oil to prevent certain parts of the engine to heat up and to wear out entirely because of limiting friction. Also, the oil needs to be good enough to protect the engine from corrosion.

Once you get the proper motorcycle engine oil, the procedure of changing it is very easy. However, some people think of it as a rather complex thing to do, so they leave such matters to the mechanic. So, for those of you who want to know how to do it on their own and be informed about the procedure, here are some helpful tips.

Remove the Oil Filter First

Once you locate the filter in the engine, carefully remove it. You’d need to find another, completely new filter from the same manufacturer to replace it. The removing procedure would probably require you to go through the service manual and see which tools you need to use to unscrew every piece in the right manner. Be aware that probably some old oil has remained in the filter, so you’ll need to pay much attention to get it all out safely. Afterwards, just make sure every small piece is perfectly screwed back together and fits well in the filter. Once you’re done with this, it is safe to say you’ve completed a great part of the job.

Changing Motorcycle Engine Oil

Before You Install the New Filter

Before you place the new filter in the engine, clean the base. You don’t want any leftovers to be messing with the engine work. Once the new filter is all set up, just run across the new seal with an oiled finger to make sure there’s no leakage. Once you place the new filter, tighten it.

Filling the Engine with Oil

As easy as this may sound, it actually requires an informed approach. That means, you need to know exactly which oil would go well with your engine and whether there’s a special type for it. If so, can you get it and where can you find it? Another important piece of information you need to have is how much oil you need to put in your engine. To be absolutely sure about this matter, your safest bet is to get the info from the manufacturer. However, a general rule of thumb is to not overfill the engine with oil, but to fill it just enough so there is still room for a little bit more of it. Do not overfill it! Screw back in the filled plug, and your engine is good to go!