No More Bad Hair Days: Our Tips for Healthy Hair

By Maria Rogerson

March 19, 2019Hair care

We’ve all had bad hair days at one point or another in our lives but for some of us it seems like most of the year consists of them and it’s not something a simple bun or wearing a hat can fix.

Truth is, we forget the hair requires TLC same way the skin does, and it all starts with making improvements product-wise to notice the difference. For instance, why choose synthetics when you can use natural hair products that would provide your hair with the much needed nourishment to get the perfect look and glow?

natural hair products

From shampoo, to conditioners, styling products and essential oils, there are many options to make way for natural ingredients in your hair treatment as long as you make sure you purchase 100% natural hair products free of all the toxins. Great news is, unlike years ago, these products won’t break your bank.

Additionally, it also helps if along with the product change you implement some healthy habits, like staying away from too much exposure to the damaging UV rays and applying leave-in conditioner to best protect the hair when you’re having fun in the sun.

Since sun isn’t the only culprit, but the wind and saltwater too, don’t forget to wear a hat and moisturize often. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to grow your hair, a frequent trim is of help as well especially when it comes to protection from the summer season; it’s the best solution for preventing split ends!

Speaking of heat, along with the sun, hot showers and heat styling can be just as detrimental for your hair health so it’s time to ditch the heat and shower with warm water instead, while also opt for other styling solutions, such as curlers or brushing your wet hair until its dry to straighten it.

smooth healthy hair

Beauty sleep is another essential but it also matters what you put your head on, i.e. the pillowcase fabric. If you want something smooth and natural, choose silk and be amazed by how your hair improves. The bonus is, your skin would benefit too!

Nutrition is equally important, so eating a well-balanced diet with lots of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals isn’t just required to stay fit, but has a huge role in your hair health too. In case your hair still looks lifeless even after you’ve implemented such diet, then you should consider the help of supplements.

Stick to these tips and you can say bye to bad hair days!