Our Gas Cooktop Safety Tips

By Maria Rogerson

May 5, 2015Kitchenware

Gas cooktops are the first choice of most people because they are quick to heat up and cool down when compared to electric ones. They are extremely easy to control and can respond instantly to temperature changes. But the main advantage of using a is that gas is Eco-friendly and far more cheaper than electricity.

However, many people do not use cooktops properly and this can be extremely dangerous. In order to understand how to take proper care of this highly useful kitchen appliance, we have complied a list of safety tips to ensure you use your gas cooktop properly.


Buying Gas Cooktop

Safety must be a priority from the beginning.

  • If you have small kids, you may want to consider buying a gas cooktop that comes with a child safety features like, child locks on the cooktop knobs so they can’t be turned on. Or maybe you should go for a model that automatically turns off the gas flow if there is no flame.
  • Find a professional and licensed gas fitter to install your gas cooktop and rangehood in order to vent away steam and cooking smells.
  • Once you buy a gas cooktop, register it with the manufacturer in case there are recalls because of possible danger, so they can contact you immediately.

Using Gas Cooktop


Take a look at some of the things you need to do to prevent serious accidents in your kitchen.

  • Keep your cooktop clean because grease and food can cause and start a fire.
  • Never leave food cooking in pans or pots unattended.
  • When cooking, always use the right size of cookwear for the burner because too small pots can worn out easily its sides and too big pots can be knocked off.
  • Never use the cooktop to heat your home.
  • When cooking on two cooktops at the same time, turn the handles of the pots towards the back to prevent them from being knocked over or pulled by your kids.
  • Always keep an eye on the water when making a soup, sauce or a stew. If the water boils over, this will extinguish the flame and block the holes in the burner.

What To Do If You Smell Gas?

If the gas is leaking from the cooktop, turn it off if on, open the doors and windows, leave the kitchen and call the gas fitter.