Our Tips For Safely Towing A Trailer

By Steve George

May 7, 2015Travel

Towing a trailer is a great solution when carrying extra baggage is required. Families that go often on trips or go outdoors for playing sports prefer to tow a trailer with their vehicles and don’t think what they can take or not. “Tow and go” is a popular trend in Australia, since there are many people who love matching their vehicles with a trailer to explore the beauties of the country.

Whether you are pulling a camper for a weekend at the lake or transporting horses to their stable, lite tow trailers for sale can help you get the job done in an efficient manner. Before you get to work or go on a weekend, here are few tips you must know for safely towing a trailer.


Check the towing capacity of your vehicle to make sure it can tow a loaded trailer. The most important factor is the hitch that lite tow trailers for sale have, as well as the weight and size of the trailer you will be hauling. There are many different types of hitches, so you can easily replace your current one if it doesn’t have enough towing capacity. For hauling a loaded trailer over 2 tonnes, a fifth wheel hitch is the one that can safely take care of your load.

Before starting to tow your trailer, you should prepare it for the road. When towing, you need to load your trailer to attain about 15% tongue weight. The best way to safely get your load to the desired destination is to distribute 60% of the load over the front half of the trailer, with the weight evenly distributed on both trailer sides. Once you load the trailer and distribute the weight properly, secure your load to prevent shifting and damages.

Before you take off, make sure the lights on your trailer are in good working condition. This safety check is quite important and is a must-do before any towing. If the lights of your trailer are not functional or are improperly connected, the result can be an accident. Ask a family member or a friend to get in the vehicle and press on the brake pedal so you can check if the lights are properly working.

If your trailer has trailer brakes, check if they are working properly. Trailer brakes are included in lite tow trailers for sale with the capacity over a tonne. Also, it is important to have the tyres of your trailer properly inflated, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. To find the recommended level for your trailer model, look for the information in the owner’s manual provided by the manufacturer. Also, learn all important recommendations included in the manual to make sure you know how to properly tow a trailer.