Our Tips for Being Space-Savvy with a Small Bedroom

By Maria Rogerson

December 4, 2018Furniture

White Provincial Bedroom

When it comes to sustainable living, we’re great fans of small housing. Not only do small homes look cute, they also cost less to maintain overtime, and you get a lower carbon footprint.

One issue, though, comes out when we clutter our rooms, and that can have a negative impact on our living, especially when it’s the bedroom. If you find yourself lacking sleep lately, or productivity for that matter, blame it on clutter. Luckily, we have some tips for you on how to handle this and make the most of your small bedroom.

Have you given the ingenious piece, the end of bed bench much thought? Outdoor benches are one thing, indoor benches are something else! Not only do they look stylish and can fill up your home with charm, they are the multi-purpose piece you didn’t know your bedroom was missing.

Don’t worry about their size, they are compact, and yet at the same time can provide enough space for storing those spare blankets, linen, and cushions away from sight. Is it maybe some of your clothing that you have to neatly organise? Well, you’re in luck, this is the piece to hide extra outfits.

Bedroom Bench

The end of bed bench is ideal also as a sitting option, for example when you are putting shoes on, or relaxing, and it can be tastefully personalised with the help of a cushion or throw. When you’re tired of using it in the bedroom (we’re not sure that will ever happen!) it can serve for storing kids’ toys, or be used in another room.

Speaking of extra storage, a small bedroom can teach you how to look for such pieces, not only relying on the closet. Depending on how much space you have next to your bed, on both sides, you can pick either one or a pair of nightstands that have more drawers, so you’s have enough to store everything you need to keep at hand: books, pills, devices to name few.

The same goes for the multi-purpose property, any object that has it is ideal. Have you considered getting a mirror that serves as a hanger too, or a bed headboard with shelves to keep the relaxation items, such as scented candles, aromatherapy oils, and air-purifying plants? If not, then now is the time to do so.

Being space-savvy is about using up as much vertical space as possible, and this tip is about making use as much of the walls as you can. Just think of how much clutter can be reduced when you incorporate wall shelving.