Bring Back the Dining Room Magic with Our Tips

By Maria Rogerson

December 5, 2018Furniture

Okay, it’s not that we don’t exactly pay attention to the style of the dining room, it’s just that it often comes as second thought, either because of the living room or the bedroom.

Over the years, with the shift of lifestyles and the bigger role electronics have been getting, most of us have come to prefer meals in front of the TV, grabbing a bite while enjoying our favourite shows or films; this is how binge-watching leads to binge-eating.

Now, in the time of healthy trends, if you want to be healthier, eat meals in the dining room . This means it’s time to bring back the dining room magic, and we have some tips that might be of help in how to achieve it.

dinner table Scandinavian

As an integral part of the room, the table set is the most important one, and while there are endless options, the chairs and dinner table Scandinavian in design make the ideal when you’re looking for both practicality and stylishness. What they lack in ornaments they make up for with outstanding craftsmanship and materials, the two ingredients that promise timelessness.

What we love about simplicity, and why we recommend it, is the set of chairs and dinner table Scandinavian is easy to clean and maintain as it is easy to decorate, so even if you aren’t that much of an entertainer, you can still style up the dining room and make any dinner the special one, no special occasion needed!

The second tip is to go for ergonomics because discomfort is never going to be trendy. This means it’s important to buy the table set in the size suitable for the space you have available, so it wouldn’t get cramped and everyone would have enough room to eat, i.e. elbow room, not having difficulty taking a seat or standing up.

Remember, ergonomics also refers to the seating, so the chairs have to be comfortable to begin with. Speaking of which, there ought to be proper lighting, and this makes it our next tip. Primarily, you want to light up the table, then you’d want to light up certain features, like artwork, all the while avoiding glare.

As you can see good lighting is essential, and lighting fixtures have a say in the décor too, along with the chairs and table set. Depending on your personality, whether you’re more into the intricate beauty of chandeliers or modern pendants, you can make up your mind on the main table lighting fixture, then pair that with additional ones to light the walls either in the same style or mix them up and get an eclectic look.

As for the glare, you can always count on dimmers which also happen to be useful with setting a cosy and romantic ambiance. Textures are the final touch, and can be in the form of paintings, rugs, tablecloth, napkins, as well as plants.