Our Tips for Buying a Quality Women’s Ski Jacket

By Maria Rogerson

December 10, 2019Clothes

When buying ski jackets, we are all aware of the basic features that we need to look for. They have to be well insulated so that we won’t freeze, they have to be waterproof for obvious reasons, and they have to be lightweight and breathable, because you are going to be physically active and moving a lot. But what about those other extra features that make women’s ski jackets a worthy investment?

Here are some tips and tricks that will help you in the quest of a perfect ladies ski jacket.

womens skiing jacket

Taped Seams

There are two types of taped seams: fully taped and critically taped. Ideally you would want fully taped seams, with critically taped being the second best. So, what’s the difference and why do you need taped seams? Well, when the seams are stitched, moisture can still penetrate them. When the seams are taped, it means that they have been sealed so no moisture can penetrate this area. If they are fully taped it means that all of the seams are waterproof. A jacket with critically taped seams will only have waterproof seams in the area that are most likely to get wet.

Front Zipper Cover

A front zipper cover is also called a storm flap. Some people prefer the extra protection, some think it is just added weight. We will briefly explain the purpose of a front zipper cover and you can decide whether it is something you need. Like we mentioned, water can penetrate the zipper area. To prevent this, some jackets have extra material covering the zipper. This is added insulation to protect you from wind and moisture.

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Water Resistant Zippers

If you are of the opinion that zipper covers or flap are just extra weight, then at least look for a jacket with water resistant zippers. These types of zippers have coating on the tape, which makes it water resistant. The most popular zippers nowadays are YKK, used on most quality jackets. So, when you looking at the features of the ladies ski jacket you intent to buy, check if it has YKK or another type of water resistant zippers.

Wrist Gaiters

Once you start wearing a jacket with wrist gaiters, there is no going back! The purpose of wrist gaiter is to keep snow from getting into your sleeves. Some jackets have thumbholes, so that you can wear your gloves above. This way our wrists are fully covered and there is no opening for the pow to enter. Some jackets just have cuffs that can be tightened above or below your gloves.

Zippered Pockets

While most female clothing items either have fake pockets or few pockets that are too small, winter clothing items are the exception! A good ladies ski jacket has enough pockets for everything you need. And what’s more – the pockets are zippered (or have other types of fasteners)! How many pockets you need is up to you, however you should make sure that your personal belongings won’t end up on the slope.

ladies ski jacket

Powder Skirt

A powder skirt is like a wrist gaiter but for your waist. It is also called a snow skirt or a waist gaiter. The point is to prevent snow from going up your jacket. If you have never worn a jacket with a powder skirt and aren’t sure whether you will be comfortable wearing it, then you can get one with a removable waist gaiter. Just make sure that it stretches, so that it won’t be tight around your waist.

Jacket-to-pant Interface

A jacket-to-pant interface is any type of fastener that can secure your jacket with your pants. If they are clasped together, then it will be harder for snow to enter inside your jacket. The purpose is similar to that of a powder skirt, though a fastener may even be more effective in achieving this. Either way, don’t forget to check for at least one of these features when shopping for the perfect ladies ski jacket.

Cinch Cord

A cinch cord keeps everything secure into place. This can be added on the hood or the bottom of the jacket. If it is on the bottom it serves a similar purpose as a powder skirt or a jacket-to-pant interface. That is, it keeps the jacket close and tight around the pants. It serves as extra wind, cold and snow protection.

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Helmet Compatible Hood

I believe that a hoodie on a ski jacket is a must. And if you don’t agree, let’s compromise with a removable hoodie. Though, if you are wearing a helmet then you need to make sure that it will fit with your hoodie. Wearing both a hoodie and a helmet provides extra protection. If you prefer wearing just one layer, you can always remove the hoodie. Extra tip – a hoodie with an elastic cord is adjustable!

Mesh Vents

It doesn’t matter whether it is cold or hot outside, if you are active – you will work up a sweat! The purpose of sweating is thermoregulation. When your body gets hot, sweat is produced. When that moisture evaporates, the skin cools down. That’s all swell, however with all those layers you are wearing to stop yourself from freezing, there is no way for the sweat to evaporate. And while sweating is normal and healthy, staying in sweaty clothes for too long is not. This is where mesh vents come into play. By unzipping the vents, air flows through your jacket and the sweat can evaporate.