Our Tips for Types of Newborn Clothes Every Mom of a Baby Boy Should Get

By Maria Rogerson

December 5, 2019Clothes

Preparing for the arrival of your little bundle of joy can be both thrilling and overwhelming. Over the first few months, mums should stock up with lots of basics as there will be lots of burps, throw-ups and dirty diapers. Yup, that’s the reality, however, the long cuddles and baby sniffs are also endless and so darn good…they really do smell like heaven though. (sigh) So, yes, ones the baby nursery is ready, it’s time for new mums to prepare for their parenting journey with the following baby boy clothing basics.


Bodysuits are the most commonly used pieces of baby clothes in the wardrobe. Due to the fact that they are usually made of cotton, these are the most comfortable, easy to use and wash baby boy clothing pieces. Their main purpose is to keep the baby’s waist always covered while preventing any diapers leaks to get to the baby’s clothes. Bodysuits are available in sleeveless, short sleeve or long sleeve version, but also in a range of sizes, colours, prints, designs and neck styles. One of the most important things to have in mind is to choose cotton bodysuits. Except for being the most comfortable material, cotton has lots of other benefits, ideal for the overall baby’s health and skin.

Kimono Tops

Kimono tops are ideal for newborns. They are great for reducing the risk of exposing their sensitive umbilical cord thanks to the adjustable side snaps. Speaking from another point of view, kimono tops are also the ideal choice for mums and babies who are getting adjusted with the new clothes. In the beginning, new mums are usually scared of pulling over a t-shirt over the face of their baby, so a kimono top can make their life easier. Just like any other top, kimonos’ are also available in short and long sleeve option and can be worn with or without bodysuit, depending on the weather conditions.

Sleepers & Play Suits

Sleepers, footies, playsuits, pajamas – these are different names mums have for these one-piece baby boy clothes. This is because babies can do a lot more than just sleeping in them. According to experienced mums, cotton sleepers are the comfiest baby clothing pieces that can keep babies warm while giving them the freedom to do whatever they want. They can play, turn over, climb and crawl in them (of course everything at its designated time) while making diaper changes a piece of cake. Whether with zipper or buttons, new mums should stock with lots of them as they will become all-time-favourite for everyone.


Versatile, comfy and soft clothes are a must-have for every baby, and baby leggings are one of them. When paired with a bodysuit (short or long sleeved), kimono tops, blouses, sweaters or t-shirts, they can become the most versatile and commonly used type of bottom clothing piece. Just like everything else, baby leggings are also available in a range of colours, patterns, sizes, and models, so parents could choose the right ones.


Rompers are a modern version of playsuits, ideal for going out. Generally speaking, they are a one-piece/bubble type of clothing, that has snaps at the crotch for easy diaper changes. Just like playsuits and sleepers, with a romper , moms won’t need to think about combining tops with bottoms as they are onesies. Usually, they are fun and fashionable, available in a range of designs, colours and prints, ideal for photo shoots, family gatherings, play-dates, etc.

Beanie Hats

According to pediatricians, newborns can get easily cold, so placing a soft cotton beanie on their heads can keep them warm and cosy, just like in the mothers’ womb. Regardless of their style, model and colour, the parent should always carry a beanie hat in the diaper bag regardless of the weather conditions.

Baby Socks

Regardless of whether the chosen pajamas, onesies or baby leggings are footless or not, having baby socks is essential. They are the ideal way to protect gentle baby’s feet from the climate they are exposed to, while making them comfortable and warm. Since babies are good at kicking off their socks since day one, mums should opt for elastic socks, especially when it comes to newborns. This is because newborns are extremely small, and sometimes finding the right fit can be impossible. A good thing to have in mind is stocking with several pairs of socks in the same colour and pattern, so in case one sock gets missing, mums can use the alternative one of the same colour.