Our Tips for Buying a Suspension Kit and the Benefits of Having One

By Steve George

June 17, 2019Cars

Picking the right suspension kit for your 4×4 isn’t an easy task, especially if it’s your first time shopping for one. There are many different things to consider, and what may work for someone else may not necessarily work for you. Personal preferences, driving style and the type of off-roading you intend on doing are all factors that will determine the ideal car suspension kits for you.

car suspension kit

First-time car suspension kits buyers can be separated into two categories – those who want to spend as little as possible, and those who want as much suspension as possible. As you can probably imagine, neither practice is optimal. People who cheap out will oftentimes try to put together a lift with spacers and a few other suspension parts, which may result in a poor-performing system that will end up costing them more than the average complete kit. On the other hand, if you spend thousands of dollars on an off-road specific suspension, it can be extremely difficult to handle your 4×4 when driving on-road or when towing a trailer.

That being said, choosing a suspension kit requires some compromise. You have to be honest about what’s important to you and you should also consider your budget. If slow speed trails and a soft ride are your thing, a suspension kit that features soft-valved shocks and low spring rates will suit you best. If you regularly tow a heavy trailer or enjoy carving corners on the street, then you’ll want a kit with firmer shocks and springs. And for all-out, high-speed outback cruising, you’ll want a kit that provides increased wheel travel.

car suspension kits

As long as you pick the right suspension kit, you’ll get increased clearance, providing you with steeper ascent and descent off the road. Furthermore, you’ll be able to fit larger tires, which can improve performance when driving over mud, deep snow, deeply rutted trails, and rocks. In other words, a suspension kit can make your 4×4 tougher when driving off the road, as it will allow it to withstand harsher abuse. You won’t run the risk of snaring the chassis on a wayward rock or branch.

With that said, you’ll enjoy a better performance when driving in tough conditions. Higher traction, better clearance, larger tyres and a more robust ride with less risk of damaging your vehicle are the main benefits and reasons to get a suspension kit. However, let’s not forget that an increased suspension can also make your 4×4 stand out from the crowd and make it that much more appealing.