LED Downlights: Long Lasting Light Source That Looks Great

By Steve George

June 17, 2019Technology

LED technology has proven its positive contribution to energy saving and environmental protection multiple times already. It’s in use for decades now, and it can be found in a variety of lighting applications. Amongst all LED light fixtures, led downlight kits are particularly popular and come with various benefits. Here is all that discussed in more detail.

LED Downlights are Energy Efficient

LED downlights produce almost no heat in the process of illumination, therefore they stay relatively cool. Contrary to this, in traditional lighting fixtures around 80% of the electric energy is lost as heat energy which results in only 20% efficiency. Only 20% is converted into light energy. Moreover, led downlight kits, when properly installed, use only 2-17 watts of electricity. That is 1/3rd to 1/30th of traditional light options. What this ultimately means is a reduction of electricity and air conditioning costs. They don’t waste energy, and they remain cool and don’t contribute to heat build-up in your home.

led downlight kits

LED Downlights Have Long Lifespan and Require Low Maintenance

Another widely appreciated feature of led downlight kits is their long lifespan – up to 50,000 hours. That is almost 50 times longer than incandescent lamps, for instance. In practice, this means that a led downlight, which is used for around 6 hours every day, will last approximately 23 years. This long-lasting feature means that you wouldn’t have to replace the fixture for quite some time, thus no maintenance service is needed in the foreseeable future. You won’t have to climb a ladder every month or so, for replacement or fixing.

LED Downlights Offer High Flexibility in Use

Besides being energy and cost-effective, LED downlights are flexible too. They can get the job properly done regardless of your lighting needs – be it for general lighting of bigger spaces, task lighting or accent lighting. This type of light option has an easy and flexible adjustment of beam angles, light source and position. Plus, there are options for them to be integrated, brightened or dimmed – depending on your personal preferences and needs.

LED Downlights are Environmentally Friendly

LED lighting fixtures, no matter the type, don’t contain any toxic elements. This is not the case with other options, that most often contain noxious chemicals such as mercury. Once these are disposed of in a landfill waste the chemicals contaminate the environment we all live in, and everyone feel the damaging effects. Furthermore, by switching to LED lights we can create less landfill waste since we don’t go through as many of them as we do with traditional lights.

Their Appeal and Their Sleek Design is a Big Bonus

If all of the above wasn’t enough, LED downlights also offer a sleek and stylish, unobtrusive design. This is especially convenient for those of you who aren’t quite fond of hanging light fixtures. LED downlights kits are installed to appear as though they are part of the ceiling, rather than attached to it.