Our Tips for Choosing Egg Vibrators to Get an Eggcelent O

By Maria Rogerson

February 2, 2023Lifestyle Love & Relationships

Ever heard of the saying “Good things come in small packages”? One of the best examples of this in terms of fun between the sheets is his majesty the egg, a small but mighty vibrator. Don’t be fooled by the petite size – judging a book by its cover this way will strip you of hours of fun and pleasure.

Why Get an Egg Vibrator for Your Sex Toy Collection?


source: pleasurebetter.com

Why is it called an egg you wonder? Well, because of its shape and size that resembles an actual egg and fits right in the palm of your hand, usually up to four inches long and two inches wide. Due to its small characteristics, and versatile stimulation options, it’s an ideal candidate for a first vibrator fit for a solo sesh or the sweet extra you were looking for to help you come a long way (pun intended!) pleasure-wise in your relationship.

Same as any other toy of this kind, the egg is available in a range of models differing in material, colour, as well as power settings. Choosing from the different egg vibrators available would mean deciding between different speeds and functions, vaginal, clitoral, and combination designs such as short and long-range controlled, and discreet and inserting designs for hands-free fun that lets you focus all on getting the big O.

The fact that they’re so discreet in general makes most love eggs perfect for some stimulation and teasing even in public, whether on walks, in the car, or on daring dates in a café. This is a property especially useful for long-distance couples who want to keep the flame alive and burning regardless of the kilometres between you.

Also, thanks to the small size, once they’re inserted vaginally, they leave your partner with plenty of control over other sources of stimulation and pleasure, be it oral, clit or anal fun. On the note of anal, however, never use the egg in your anus as it can easily travel upwards and make you a candidate for one of the Sex Sent Me to the ER episodes!

Tips for Choosing the Ideal Love Egg


source: pleasurebetter.com

The reason the market is so full of options for mighty egg vibrators has to do with the varying needs of customers. Some like it intense and short, others like it in moderation and long, and it’s all okay – there’s the perfect vibration egg in either case. What would help you come to the vibe that would give you the desired O are some considerations, such as:


Same as with shopping for any sex toy, knowing a thing or two about the different types available is enough to give you an idea of what to expect, what you might like, and what you may need. The following are the choices of these toys made for eggciting sensations all over your body:

  • Wireless – These are the advanced love eggs made for advanced stimulation that isn’t restricted by location. The amazing flexibility doesn’t end here: you can use them for stimulation generated by a remote control or a specialised app that also lets you make your stimulating pattern, or choose from the available options, in the tune of your choice for the ultimate pleasure.
    Our pick: Bang!10X with a deep indentation. If you’re up for even deeper (and I mean deeper) and more intense fun, and you enjoy internal stimulation, the silky soft Shots G-Spot egg is the wireless toy you need in your toy arsenal.
  • Wired – These are the vibrating eggs that are connected to the remote control with a wire. They were the only available design of eggs not so long ago, and despite appearances, they are safe to use. Just be sure to read the instructions to guarantee you get the pleasure these toys were intended to provide.
    Our pick: CalExotics vibrating egg for the multi-speed experience.
  • Eggs with Handles – These are eggs that are particularly easier for beginners to use because of the added handles feature that is available in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colours. At the beginning of your experimentation with these toys, when you add the right type of lube to them you might have a bit of a challenge controlling them which is where the handle comes in handy.
    Our pick: UltraSeven Remote Control Egg for the seven-speed variation and the waterproof egg that you can use for some shower fun.
  • Eggs for Double Stimulation – These are the type of eggs designed to provide two stimulations, so you can find them in models that are two eggs in one single design or one egg with a dual purpose.
    Our pick: B Yours Double Pop vibrating egg to enjoy sensations on two erogenous zones at once!
  • Egg Sleeves – Yes, the egg love toys have accessories you can fit them with too! The sleeves are specially designed covers you can use over the toys if you don’t like the feeling of using the egg directly in your vagina. Same as the egg, they come in various shapes and sizes, with a bonus of varied textures like ribs and nubs for an added dose of sensation.
    Our pick: Evolved Egg-Citement which is multiple toys in one egg vibrator design thanks to the unique silicone sleeves like the sensational tongue with nibs, the clit-dancing bunny ears, and the dual stim with textures. And oh, it’s also fit for water fun!


Safety is part of a fun and exciting “game” between the sheets, so your first and foremost consideration other than the type should be the material your chosen egg sex toy is made from. Instead of choosing eggs that are made from porous materials the likes of PVC or jelly that can harbour harmful bacteria and result in infections, choose one of the following:

  • Silicone – This is one of the most common options because it’s affordable, very flexible, and easy to clean and maintain.
  • ABS Plastic – This is an even more affordable choice and is incredibly soft, to the point of feeling like actual skin.
    Rubber – Flexible, stretchy, soft, anything you could wish for in a sex toy material.
  • TPE – Short for thermoplastic elastomer, this is a material that is similar to silicone yet is smoother, softer to the touch and more elastic.

Regardless of whichever of the options you choose, don’t forget to clean up your love toys after every use, following the instructions of the manufacturer to ensure they’re safe to use. This is a practice that also extends their lifespan, so it’s a win-win!