Our Tips for Choosing Reliable and Efficient Battery Powered Toothbrushes

By Maria Rogerson

August 6, 2019Health & Beauty

man and woman brushing teeth with electric brushes

We all know the importance of brushing our teeth. However, despite our best efforts, sometimes we may not be brushing them as thoroughly as we would like to. This is because the bristles on manual toothbrushes cannot reach deep enough to remove all the plaque and tartar that’s built up between our teeth. A battery-powered toothbrush’s rotating head features bristles that can reach further thanks to the combination of motion and equal pressure from the brush itself. This makes battery-powered toothbrushes the perfect tool to fight gingivitis and gum disease.

With such a wide range of battery powered toothbrushes available on the market at different prices, sometimes it can be difficult to determine which one is best for you. Don’t be fooled into thinking that the higher the price of the toothbrush the more efficient it will be. A lot of reviews have proven that there is no direct connection between price and quality. Here are some tips to help you buy a toothbrush that will meet your needs.

Simple Operation

Look for an electric toothbrush that is comfortable to hold and easy to use. Make sure that it also has simple controls that don’t require an engineering degree to decipher. The brush head’s size and movement should make it easy to manipulate it in the mouth.

Good Performance

A good electric toothbrush will run smoothly and consistently, without any hitches or surges when warning you to change your quadrants.

Size of the Toothbrush’s Head

battery powered toothbrushes

The right toothbrush head should enable you easy access to all surfaces of your teeth. For adults, generally, a toothbrush head that’s 1.30cm wide and 2.50cm tall will be the easiest to use and most effective. Though there are bigger toothbrush heads available, people tend to find them difficult to maneuver to clean certain hard-to-reach areas such as the sides and backs of their molars.

Bristle Variety

Electrical toothbrush heads come with soft, medium, or hard nylon bristles. For most people, a soft-bristled toothbrush head will be the most comfortable and safest choice. Depending on how vigorously you brush your teeth and how strong they are, a medium- or a hard-bristled brush could actually damage the root surface, gums, and protective tooth enamel.

Helpful Features

A two-minute timer with 30-seconds intervals is almost a must-have in electric toothbrushes. The purpose of this feature is to prompt you to brush for two minutes. The best electric toothbrushes will have a soft grip. In addition to making battery powered toothbrushes more comfortable to hold and use, this feature also decreases the vibrations you will feel in your hand while brushing. Charge stands and travel cases are not must-have accessories but they can sure be handy depending upon your lifestyle and available space.