Important Reasons to Buy a Pallet Jack Lift Table

By Maria Rogerson

August 12, 2019Industrial Equipment

Lift tables are ergonomic devices commonly used in industrial settings like warehouses to tilt, raise or lower workloads like pallets. They have a wide range of applications in manufacturing, distribution and warehousing facilities, including machine feeding and offloading, inspection, product assembly, offloading conveyor belts, quality control, and repair. These pieces of equipment can help increase the overall efficiency in a warehouse and take a lot of stress off of your employees who would otherwise be tasked with lifting heavy objects.

That being said, a pallet jack lift table can improve the safety conditions of your employees, and as you probably know, employee safety is of paramount importance in physical working environments. A lot of employees develop back pain and other issues when lifting heavy over extended periods. The repetitive motions of lifting can put a wear on a person’s joints and muscles, and recovery is usually a lengthy process. On top of this, the chances of sudden injuries will also be reduced. Sudden injuries usually occur when the body is tired or when people use an incorrect form to lift. These sudden injuries can are long-lasting and painful, and it will have a person out of the workforce and requiring compensation.

As a direct result of the improved safety conditions, and the fact that a pallet jack lift table can do the lifting much faster than an employee, you’ll also get the benefit of improved productivity rates. This doesn’t necessarily mean that lift tables are here to replace employees, but rather ease their workload and become an effective tool do get the job done. In construction, you can get more materials up to where you need them. For assembly or welding applications, on the other hand, you can easily adjust your workspace so that it’s more comfortable to work on.

Using the lift table as a work space will provide with access to new angles. Since the lift table can handle heavy weights for a long time, and it only takes a button to adjust, you can easily bring something up for inspection and then get it low again to work on it. This can open new doors in your precision when performing cuts or your creativity when welding. All of these benefits make lift tables a very cost-efficient investment. Although the initial price might be higher than you’d like, the lift table will easily pay itself out in the long term. When you take into account all of these benefits, the decision to get a lift table is almost a no-brainer.