Our Top Tips for Finding The Best Marine GPS for Your Needs

By Maria Rogerson

August 13, 2019Hunting

The Global Positioning System or GPS has allowed people to travel to unknown places with ease and I am not just talking about the convenience of Google Maps. A quality GPS device makes things even easier as it also comes with a built-in compass, shows altitude, wind speed and direction. The same device made for marine purposes has even more features packed, such as finding the best fishing grounds or alerting you of any danger. Since this is a more feature-filled device, there are a lot more things to consider when shopping for one. Here’s what you should pay attention to most.


A reliable device doesn’t only need to be rugged, it should also be able to work at its best even in the most extreme of conditions. You should look for a marine GPS that has a dedicated satellite bandwidth that doesn’t rely on another satellite as it is going to give you a poor signal even during peak times. A fast operating system will also refresh your position quicker giving you an almost real-time reading.0


The display should be readable from all angles and under direct sunlight, otherwise, you are just going to waste your money and time. Keep in mind that a big screen doesn’t always mean a good device. What you’ll need to look for is a screen that’s sharp enough to show icons and text clearly and bright enough to make them visible even in broad daylight.


These types of devices don’t come loaded with every waterway in the world and because of that, you’ll need to get one that comes with the maps that you’ll need most. If you need to travel somewhere, you will have to purchase a map card or if you are going to visit multiple places, I suggest you go with a world imagery subscription instead.


Since this is a marine GPS we’re talking about, getting a waterproof device is a must, and although you may think that they are all waterproof by default they are most certainly not. Obviously, this is an important feature to have but since there are devices that are mounted on the dashboard, a waterproof rating isn’t necessary.


As for the power options, you can get a device with rechargeable or disposable batteries. With rechargeable batteries, you get the advantage of waterproofness and with disposal ones, you either won’t have it at all or the device will have a very low waterproof level. Of course, with rechargeable batteries, you can also make use of external charging points, like a portable charging brick in case you forgot to charge the device in-between trips.