Our Tips for Choosing Replacement Tesla Rims

By Steve George

January 2, 2024Cars

From the pioneering Model 3, to its platform-sharing sibling, the Model Y, Tesla’s classy mid-sized lineup has been the world’s unmistakable vision of affordable EV enthusiasm for over a decade. No other EV sedan / SUV combo in production even comes close to the price, performance, or pizzazz that these 2 models bring to the table, making them much more than innovative transportation: they’re a lifestyle.

You won’t find a vehicle anywhere that’s as aligned with the style and individuality of their owners as Teslas are, and nothing has the capacity to speak more to style than new rims. Rims help define a car; and that’s why if you’re looking to make a statement with your Model 3 or Y, one of the best tips that we can give you would be to swap out your factory 18” or 19” rims and aero covers for a set of muscular-looking wheels that are designed to set these mid-sized marvels apart from the crowd.

Get the Model 3 and Y Performance and Looks You Want with Tesla ZR-G Rims

White Tesla car with black tesla rims
source: braumach.com.au

Let’s be honest: while there’s no argument about Tesla’s aero covers playing a big part in their range and performance, they lack the visual impact that ZERO-G Style Tesla rim and tyre combinations have to offer. And for the mid-sized Model 3 and Y models in particular, a 20” x 9.0” aftermarket rim can turn heads like no other.

Low resistance ZR-G 20s are designed to fit all Tesla Model 3 SRs, LRs and Performance AWDs, as well as Model Ys, and offer both a wider wheel stance and lower ride height without capsizing the Tesla’s legendary aerodynamic performance. In fact, aftermarket 20” Tesla rims aren’t without their own core of high-performance benefits, especially on dry surfaces, including:

  • A broader footprint for improved grip;
  • A wider track for a firmer ride with easier handling; and,
  • A more substantial contact patch for better braking.

The reality is, while there’s inherently more rolling resistance with ZERO-G style rims than factory Model 3 / Y variants and aero covers, with the proper Z- or ZR-rated tyres, ZERO-G style rims make it possible for drivers to take full advantage of the Tesla’s legendary torque and acceleration. It’s the perfect trade-off for a rim and tyre combination that looks every bit the part of a sleek and individualized ride, particularly on lowered models.

High-Strength Attributes That Set Tesla ZR-Gs Apart

Red Tesla car on a road
source: media.ed.edmunds-media.com

Low-resistance ZR-G Tesla rims are more than just aftermarket alternatives for Model 3s and Ys. These fully forged, split 5-spoke rims boast a gentle convex profile that’s optimized for stability, and boast a build summary that includes:

  • Aviation-grade 6061-T6 aluminium alloy construction
  • Block machined with a 790kg max load capacity; and,
  • A choice of either black or bronze colour.

With a tensile strength of 42,000psi and yield strength of 35,000psi, ZR-G Tesla rims for sale are more than capable of holding up under the torque that Teslas can unleash. And at just 12.9kg each, they’re only 2.47kg heavier than standard Model 3 / Y 18” x 8.5” rims, and only 1.47kg heavier than the optional 19” x 8.5”; that’s hardly enough to make a difference in the Tesla’s stellar range or performance, and more than enough to compensate for any added rolling resistance they might create.

ZR-Gs Make Safety a Priority with Tesla-Supplier TPMS Sensors

a person holding TPMS Sensor
source: cdn11.bigcommerce.com

Safe rim and tyre combinations are an ever-present concern that every EV owner needs to be conscious of. That’s because the added weight and tremendous amounts of torque that EVs add to the equation have already shown that average tyre wear rates can easily increase by as much as 20% – 30% under ordinary driving conditions, and it’s a hazard that’s aggravated even further when tyre pressures aren’t being properly maintained.

Gentler acceleration is the most crucial aspect of preserving your tyres, but your Tesla’s rims are also engineered to assume a technical role in tyre protection in the form of their Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). TPMSs utilize rim-mounted sensors that can notify a driver through the vehicle’s ECU whenever a tyre’s pressure is low, and they offer a bevy of practical advantages that include:

  • Providing low tyre pressure warnings while driving;
  • Improving handling, steering, and braking characteristics;
  • Helping to reduce premature tyre wear and damage;
  • Preventing possible rim damage; and,
  • · Helping to increase EV range and watt hours (Whs/km).

Although TPMSs aren’t a legal requirement in Australia, they’re a standard feature on all Teslas, and when you buy Tesla rims like the ZR-G for your Model 3 or Model Y, you can be confident that they’ve fitted with genuine Tesla-supplied, black stemmed TPMS sensors. That’s safety information delivered straight to your Tesla’s console, or even to your wireless device with the proper software.

The Final Word

white tesla car parked in front a garage
source: saviniwheels.com

At the end of the day, owning a Model 3 or Y is as much about being excited about your vehicle as it is about embracing the technology that it runs on. And with their sleek profiles and seemingly unlimited range of available body kits, all they need to distinguish themselves completely from the crowd are the right rims.

A ZR-G Tesla rim and tyre combination will give you the stance to let you set your Model 3 or Y apart. It’ll also give you the added grip to experience their impressive acceleration and torque curve with a level of assurance that simply isn’t possible with factory rims and aero covers.