Our Tips for Choosing Work-Appropriate Hispanitas Sandals

By Maria Rogerson

November 26, 2020Fashion

If you are a woman who works at an office and is looking for the perfect footwear ally, look no further than Hispanitas. All of the brand’s sandals are designed to withstand the dynamic life of a working woman without allowing the lack of quality and comfort to slow her down.

Founded in 1990, Hispanitas is an extremely popular brand in Spain whose quality has started being noticed in many other countries. In recent years, it also gained quite a following in Australia which you can notice if you take into account the wide range of Hispanitas sandals Australian stores carry. And in addition to footwear, this brand also offers a large selection of urban, eye-catching and quality accessories and clothing, perfect to upgrade any modern woman’s style.

Which Hispanitas Sandals Can Perfectly Complement Your Office Look?

If there is one summer type of footwear that is the most favoured by women, that is the women sandals. One of the rules for choosing comfortable shoes is having the needed cushioning and support, and you can find this in all Hispanitas shoes.

hispanitas sandals

source: unsplash.com

Hispanitas sandals are so comfortable (regardless of the heel height) that once on your feet, you won’t want to wear anything else again. Although there are many designs to choose from, the following women’s Hispanitas footwear designs for summer are perfect for completing your corporate outfit.


The mule is a type of women sandal that has been popular in the ‘90s, but it seems that this summer we’re going to relive its glory. Except for being appealing, the thing that has made these sandals so popular in the past was their comfort and stability. Suitable for all kinds of outfits and moments, mules can add a sophisticated touch even to the most ‘ordinary’ office look.

When paired with the right handbag and work-appropriate accent jewellery, the mules may become one of your best allies this summer.

mules shoes

source: unsplash.com

Made of pleasantly soft leather and featuring an elegant peep toe, Hispanitas mules can certainly add to any of your work and weekend summer outfits. Hispanitas mules are available in multiple colours, heel heights and shapes, giving you the freedom to choose the ones that will suit you the most. All of the brand’s mules are made with TRIFLOW Technology that will cushion every step of yours with flexibility and comfort.

Praga High-Heeled Sandals

If you love to wear high heels even for work, then you should probably consider the Praga high-heeled sandal. Thanks to the perfect 8cm of stacked block heel, the Praga sandals are the perfect shoe for work, summer branches and lunches or for any other special occasion. The secure instep strap also adds to the comfort of the shoe while acting as the perfect shoe detail.

praga high heel sandals

source: unsplash.com

The new models of the Praga sandals have a large square adornment that makes them a unique fashion statement for any of your outfits. The patterned sole provides good traction while the lightweight construction is ideal for all-day wear. Just like the mule, this model is also made with the TRIFLOW Technology that can add to its flexibility and comfort.

Granada High-Heeled Sandal

The brand’s Granada high-heeled sandals have perforated Vachetta leather on the instep and feature Velcro closure at the ankle. The Velcro closure can certainly make putting them on and off easier while not compromising on the sandal’s style and appeal. These sandals fall into the peep-toe slingback sandals category and thanks to the wood-coloured block heel they are ideal for every outfit.

granada high heel sandals

source: unsplash.com

Atenas Flat Sandals

For those days when too tired to wear high heels to work, you can enjoy the comfort of the flatter Atenas sandals. Made from Nappa Vachetta leather and TRIFLOW technology, the Atenas flat sandals will give you the needed comfort, support and style. The highly comfortable ankle closure can also add to the sandal’s comfort. Available in white, black, caramel and clay colours, these sandals are an essential footwear piece in your wardrobe.


Comfortable, fresh, chic and elegant, Hispanitas espadrilles are the perfect footwear choice that can match any chic office outfit. With its 2.5cm braided effect platform sole, crossed straps and ankle closure, these cowhide espadrilles can be the perfect addition to your corporate/everyday footwear collection. Besides the brownish leather colour, you can also find them in black and taupe.

womans espedrilles

source: unsplash.com

Paris Slingback Sandals

If you want to achieve that effortless feminine and elegant style, the Paris soft leather sandals should be your choice. The cushioned insole and perfect heel height make this sandal the comfiest office shoe. The elegant slingback strap has an elastic gusset that provides a comfortable fit around the ankles, while the soft upper leather and lining feel extremely gentle against the skin.

Additionally, this pair of sandals is made with the brand’s well-known TRFLOW technology that cushions the feet and adds to the overall comfort. The contoured sole offers secure traction on uneven spaces while the raised heels help to reduce foot fatigue.

If you love this shoe design, you’re probably wondering “How can I keep slingback shoe straps from falling?”. One of the easiest ways to keep the straps in place is to use a small piece of double-sided tape. Just place the piece on the inside of the strap where it comes in contact with your heel and you are ready to go.