Dog Travel Essentials for Safe Road Trips with Your Furry Pal

By Steve George

November 26, 2020Pets

If you are someone who loves road trips and dogs, you’ve probably thought about grabbing your furry pal and heading off to your next adventure. For many, this might seem like an impossible endeavour, and rightly so. But, with some travel training and with just a few useful accessories, your dream of road tripping with your doggy can come true.

dog ramp for car

Getting In and Out of the Vehicle

Your doggy constantly jumping on and off your ride can stress their joints and bones. This is why dog ramps are especially important for older dogs or dogs with arthritis, regardless of whether you are going on a road trip, or you are just taking a short ride to the store.

Elderly dogs’ bones have been through a lot of running, jumping and playing, so just like ours, their bones are getting older too, which might make hopping up and down harder for them. A dog ramp for car rides is even more crucial for a dog with arthritis, since for them, jumping up and down, is not only difficult and painful, but it can also hasten the progress of the disease.

Smaller dogs will also benefit from a dog ramp, especially if they need to jump too high to enter, whether it’s because they are too short, or because you have a truck, or an SUV. Nevertheless, installing a foldable dog ramp for car, SUV, van or a truck is a very good and smart idea even if your dog doesn’t fall under any of these categories. It’s never too early to start protecting your dog’s legs.

What’s more, keep in mind that dog ramps for vehicles are also good for you. Not only do they minimise the risk of scratches on your car, but they also make the process of getting in and out much easier and safer. Having to constantly pick up your dog, if they are in pain, or if they are too short to jump, can be painful for you too.

dog crates

A Safe Ride

Safety is the most important thing to take into consideration when travelling. This includes the safety of your dog as well. It’s vital to secure your furry pal while driving. There are various options for this purpose such as dog car seats, dog belts, carriers, cages or crates. By suitably restraining your dog, you are protecting them from injuries in case of an accident or in case you have to stop abruptly.

Being very sturdy and safe, while also doubling as sleeping spaces, dogs crates can be a perfect option if you don’t have space to bring along many items. Bringing a dog crate along is also a great option for someone taking their pet on a camping trip. Besides making your dog feel safe and comfortable, a dog crate can also keep them protected while sleeping and prevent them from wandering off in a quest to satisfy their renowned curiosity. Additionally, you could also bring a crate cover to make your dog feel even safer or to know that it’s time to be quiet and sleep.

To boost your dog’s comfort, you could also get a crate cooling fan so that you don’t have to worry about your furry fellow traveller getting too hot. A crate fan can also make it more bearable for your dog to stay longer in the vehicle, by blowing fresh air into their crate.

However, it’s crucial that your dog is trained to stay in the crate and, ideally, comfortable to sleep in it. Trying to make an untrained dog stay in a crate might prove to be a mission impossible and also scary for your puppy. If your dog isn’t trained for crates, choose other options, like harnesses, or a car seat. You could also take their dog bed if they’re used to sleeping in it. You can put it in your tent, your van, or the hotel room.

dog crates

Keeping the Car Clean on the Road

Don’t forget about rain, snow, mud, and other enemies to your car seats. Bring a seat cover, or to be extra safe, even a car hammock, to keep your seats away from those dirty paws. However, make sure to not let your dog run out of the car on your stops on the road, unless you are sure there is no traffic. Furthermore, depending on how long you’re going to be on the road, prepare accordingly so that your dog can stay hydrated and well-fed. You could bring along travel bowls, dog splash-free bowls, or a dog bottle for water.