Our tips for clean truck

originalEvery experienced truck driver knows how important it is to have a clean truck. His truck is like a mobile home even if he is not driving long distance routes. From a commercial point of view, all truck companies demand for their drivers to do regular truck wash so that it improves company’s image and makes advertisements on trailers more visible. Furthermore, driving long distance can make your truck look like its been on the road for weeks, not days. During these trips, finding a truck wash service can be more and less difficult depending on which country you are in and how good is the infrastructure. That is why you can always buy proper items and clean the truck yourself. If you don’t have an idea where to start we’ll give you few advices.

Make sure truck temperature is low enough before you start a truck wash. Washing your truck on a hot day or after a long drive is not preferable because some parts of your truck are temperature sensitive. For instance, hot rims and brakes may warp if cold water is applied instantly. Also a very rare but a true fact – windshields may crack if you pour cold water on them.

Assuming that you will use a pressure washer to clean your truck, a common advice you will hear is that low pressure nozzle is the one to go for. If you use high pressure water on the truck’s surface you will most likely damage its paint and cause it to lose gloss. Also make sure that you apply lots of water before you start applying soap and use a long nozzle to water those hard to reach places under the truck.

Always use a soft brush. There are different types of brushes on the market, so be aware and ask for advice before you make a purchase. Using a sharp brush may leave brush marks on your color and make your truck look older than it actually is. Also for a truck wash, a good alternative to brushes are washing mitts or sponges.

When you start applying soap water, always start from the top. This way you will allow water to pour down and avoid soap water stains on the surface. Just to make sure, repeat this step twice.

When you are done with rinsing, look for a good quality water blade to dry your truck’s exterior. Windshield wipers are a good option because they are made out of special material that doesn’t leave marks or damages to the paint. During this part of the truck wash, also start from the top so that you reach higher places first and finish lower parts easily.