Our Tips for Installing Exterior Car Protection on Your Mitsubishi ASX

By Steve George

December 13, 2019Cars

Like every 4×4 on the road, the Mitsubishi ASX gives you better traction and adds more torque when pulling heavy loads at low speeds. But like any vehicle in the world, it needs a number of accessories, be it for looks, performance or safety. As this vehicle has nailed the first two, I’ll focus on the third one, not that the ASX isn’t safe enough to drive in, but it doesn’t hurt to add a thing or two to its exterior.


This is a piece of plastic that sits right on top of the window channel or slots into it and allows you to let fresh air in without rain entering the vehicle or wind noises disturbing you. These Mitsubishi ASX aftermarket accessories also double as an extra layer of protection from heavy downpour and potential car theft. Weathershields come either as in-channel or stick-on which means that each one has a different installation process. First, let’s start with the stick-on weather shields as they aren’t that hard to install despite having to eyeball their position.


First, start off by test fitting each visor so you know what to expect at the end, then clean the area where the weather shield is going to be mounted. Use a degreaser and water and make sure you buff out the window trim mouldings with a scuff pad. Apply isopropyl alcohol, or a paint prep spray in order to get rid of contaminants that can prevent the tape from sticking on properly.

When test fitting, peel a small piece on both ends of the tape of the backing strip and place the weather shield so you have it aligned with the window trim. Make sure the backing strip is sticking out visibly so you can pull it all the way off.

Once you have it aligned properly, start peeling off the rest of the backing tape and start applying pressure simultaneously. Once you remove all the backing tape, apply pressure once again but this time throughout the whole length of the weather shield. Lastly, check the level of adherence by wiggling the weather shield a little bit – if it doesn’t flex you are all good.


These Mitsubishi ASX aftermarket accessories come with a thin flange that slots in the upper window channel which is what you should start with first. You should lower the window and start tucking in the flange all the way to the window channel – remember to begin at the front. There are in-channel weather shields that need tension in order to maintain a tight fit and these need to snap into place. Others come with some double-sided tape to ensure they stay in place once installed. Don’t rush and remember to insert the weather shied as far into the channel as possible.

In case you have an in-channel weather shield with tape, do a test fit as removing it once you have it installed is very difficult. Again make sure you clean the window channel and then start tucking in the flange of the weather shield. Once you snap it in place keep the windows up as long as the manufacturer manual says. If this isn’t specified, leave the windows up for 24 hours.

Headlight Covers

This plastic form of protection comes either translucent or tinted in different colours to match your vehicle. The main purpose of these Mitsubishi ASX aftermarket accessories is to protect the headlights from flying debris and oxidation. The installation process is pretty simple and if done correctly, it can give you astounding results very quickly.

First, you need to clean both assemblies using a car wash soap, microfibre cloth, bucket, water and a sponge. Make a mixture of the car wash soap and water according to the instruction on the wash soap and wash your headlights with it. Rinse them until there are no bubbles present in the water running off. Wipe them off with a microfibre cloth, leave them to air dry for 30 minutes afterwards and wipe them one more time.

Open the bonnet and secure it in that position, pre-fit the covers so you know that they have not deformed. Using an alcohol pad, wipe the headlight and check if the inside of the cover is clean of lint and dust. Remove the protective cover from the double-sided tape on the covers – try not to touch the tape or get it dusty as this will interfere with adhesion. Align the cover with the headlight lens, slide it in place over the top and firmly apply pressure on the two-sided tape.

Bonnet Protector

These small Mitsubishi ASX aftermarket accessories are basically a shield usually made of acrylic, that helps prevent damage from direct hits on the bonnet face and shifts the airflow so that debris and bugs don’t hit your windshield.

Before you start the installation process, open the bonnet and make sure it is clean and dry. If it’s not, wipe it with a damp sponge and let it dry. Position the protector so that you can mark the spots where the brackets are going to be installed – match the brackets with the screw holes on the protector.

Place the screw holders into the holes from the bottom of the bonnet and apply the anti-abrasive tape where the brackets are going to be, so that half of it is on the top and half on the bottom of the bonnet protector. Put the 2 brackets in the middle, fasten them in the screw holes that you fit earlier and do the same with the remaining four brackets. Afterwards, mount the deflector and secure it by fastening it with screws on the brackets and apply the silicon damper under the protector so that it sits on the bonnet.