Style Meets Comfort: Our Tips for Choosing the Right Pair of Flip Flops

By Maria Rogerson

December 19, 2019Fashion

Flip flops have been around for decades. They can be seen on the feet of people of all ages and the main reason we all enjoy wearing them is that they are easy to slip on and off. But, are flip flops fashionable? Absolutely. As a matter of fact, they have never gone out of style. Still, their designs have greatly evolved over time – besides wearing them on the beach in hot summer days, today you can see women wearing them on different occasions.

The days of brightly coloured, low-quality plastic flips flops are long gone, and today you can find womens comfortable flip flops in a range of styles and designs that are easy to pair with various outfits. Think about all the stylish ways you can combine flip flops with jeans. You’re probably wondering how to wear flip flops with skinny jeans? Well, very easy – just put on your favourite pair of jeans, that cute T-shirt you so love and your comfortable flip flops and you’re all set. But not all flip flops are comfortable, mind you. There are certain features that you should pay attention to when looking for the ideal model for you.


Arch Support

Sandals and flip flops are designed to look good but this doesn’t necessarily mean that all models are good for your feet. Because they are designed to be flexible and lightweight, oftentimes they are missing one very important part – arch support. Wearing shoes with arch support is crucial for maintaining good foot health and comfort. Although this type of shoe is not known for providing great arch support, you can still find some models that come with a satisfactory level of support.


If you want to wear flip flops that will feel comfortable on your feet you should stay away from cheap models. Look for ones that are full-fledged with lots of cushioning and dynamic midsoles that provide shock absorption. Look for flip flops with footbeds made of quality materials like EVA foam or cork. They provide a great level of comfort and most of them even have arch support. Contoured footbeds offer the ultimate stability and support which means they keep your feet healthy and happy. Since they are one of the best options of womens comfortable flip flops on the market, they are also more expensive.


Anti-Chafe Straps

Blisters are a very painful and unpleasant result of wearing uncomfortable and shoes that are not the right fit. If you thought that flip flops don’t cause this problem due to their open design, you are wrong. The friction of the straps with your skin can easily lead to forming blisters or raw skin, therefore, to avoid this, make sure the flip flop straps are made of soft materials that don’t chafe the skin between your toes. Leather, polyester and other nonabrasive materials are all a good choice.

Good Traction

This may not be the most important thing when it comes to comfort but it will prevent you from falling, which is also important. Wearing shoes with a non-slippery sole can prevent a lot of falls and injuries. Look for ladies comfy flip flops with strong synthetic or rubber soles with a grippy tread pattern and lots of traction.


How to Pick Right Size Flip Flops

When it comes to shoes, especially to flip flops, you should leave a little space at the end of the footbed so that your heel doesn’t touch the ground when you move. If that happens, it means that you bought the wrong size. On the other hand, if they are too big, your foot will slosh around which will put undue strain on your feet’s tiny bones and joints. Keep in mind that during the hot summer days your feet will swell slightly, so leaving a little bit of wiggle room is important.

Comfort and fit are the most important aspects when buying footwear. So try to shop from a well-known store where you can rely on the professional advice of the shoe salesperson or virtual assistant. Buying the perfect pair of comfortable womens flip flops will help you to have a fun and enjoyable summer, preventing you from experiencing unnecessary foot issues.