Our Tips For Maintaining Your Vehicle

By Steve George

April 12, 2013Cars


Is your vehicle properly maintained? Aside from washing every couple of weeks and a once in six months detailed cleaning, how often do you check your car to make sure everything functions according to your owner’s manual. With so much attention payed to cars’ performances and with everyone very much in tune with safety trend, little of us are aware of 10,000-plus parts our cars are consisted of. And not to mention that even the smallest malfunction of a single part can obstruct proper car maneuver.

Your safety, safety of your passengers and other parties on the road, shouldn’t be left to chances. You should know that safe driving is primarily related to the condition of your vehicle, thus regular maintenance will ensure it’s safe to drive, boost its performance and prolong its life. To ensure proper maintenance, you should, aside from conducting periodic car inspections, inspect your car on daily basis. Follow your owner’s manual or consult a licensed car service Melbourne shop to learn on how to maintain your vehicle. Or read on for few of our tips on proper car maintenance.

Tires – Check your tires before you put that key into the ignition. Make sure they are properly inflated according to manufacturer’s specifications. Low tire pressure is one of major culprits to bad car performance. Worn tires need to be replaced as soon as possible. If you are not sure if your tires are in good condition ask a licensed mechanic technician next time you conduct a car inspection. All car inspections Melbourne shops are licensed for this kind of service.

Oil and Fuel – Engine oil is crucial for impeccable engine performance. It lubricates engine and all of its internal parts providing superior operation. Check oil level every time you fill up your fuel tank and before and after longer trips. Consult your owner’s manual or a car service Melbourne technician for instructions on how to check oil level. Also, make sure you always have enough fuel in your tank and use the proper gasoline for your car model as specified by manufacturer.

Windows – Take a walk around your car and make sure there are no viable defects before you drive off to work. If you notice any cracks in your windows make sure you sanitize the problem right away. Also, clean all windows regularly – this does not only improve car appearances but, above all, improve road visibility. Moreover, make sure you’re loaded with windshield cleaning fuel – its a cheap investment that will greatly improve your driving and ensure complete safety on the road.

Brakes – Just because you’re quick on the brakes does not make a good driver. And if you tap on those break pads often, it’s more likely they’ll wear out before their expiration date. Impaired breaks can cause serious traffic collisions. Make sure you inspect your brakes regularly. If you are not sure as to how, contact a nearby car inspections Melbourne shop and have a technician inspect them thoroughly.

Interior – Regular cleaning is a must in order to keep your car in top form. Make sure you vacuum all cracked foods and spot-clean any stains. Safe driving equals comfort, thus clean the interior of your car to improve its overall comfort. Moreover, with regular cleaning you will not have to worry about unpleasant odors and will also help you avoid hours of muscle scrubbing stubborn stains from spilled drinks. Love your car, take care of it and it will serve you better than you’ve expected.