Our tips for saving space at home

By Maria Rogerson

April 12, 2013Kitchenware


Don’t you hate it when you enter your room and trip from something on the floor? Most of us do. When this happens you suddenly realize that your room has less and less space available. Moreover, this seems to happened over night. Too many clothes or bad layout of your room usually leads to less space. However, this shouldn’t worry you a lot as there are many ways to correct this and create the much needed space in your house. From hidden book shelves in the closet to built in wardrobes, there are many space saving ideas that can help you organize your home. Additionally, we’ll provide some useful tips on how to do that.

Maybe the most valuable tip you’ll get when organizing the layout of your home is to get a built in wardrobes Melbourne house designers are starting to use built in wardrobes in every model house because of the extra space they provide. They are perfect for storage and offer flexibility in design. While they are seen mostly as part of a bedroom, built-in wardrobes can be used in other parts of the house like a laundry room or a study room. And the best thing is that they can be designed with multiple racks and shelves so you can store different stuff on them, from clothes to old photos and books.

Beside, the fact that you can design the interior of the wardrobe for your needs, the exterior is also left at your choice. For instance, you can choose between large sliding doors or swing (out) doors. If you are short on space in the room, sliding doors are better option. But if you need a glance of the whole wardrobe then swing out doors are much more convenient. Other decorations on the outside of the wardrobe can be used to match the room color or theme. You can even use mirrors as wardrobe doors and give a sense of extra space in your room.

Another tip you can get from interior designers on space saving is to exclude the dining room. Instead, you can get a larger kitchen with a big dining table in the center of it. Not only that the larger kitchen will be more useful for you and your family but now you’ll have an extra room that you can use for other purpose.

If you feel that that floor-to-ceiling bookcases hold much of the space in your living room maybe it’s time to change them. The best alternative are hanging shelves. They can provide space for all your books and the room will still have that feeling of extra space. This is because whatever you put on the wall looks better than it would on a standing shelve.

These are just a few of many methods you can try around the house and get that ‘specious’ feeling. It is up to you to decide whether you have the finances to include a built in wardrobe or exclude the dining room.