Our Tips for Sending Your Pet on a Safe Road Trip

By Maria Rogerson

July 21, 2017Pets

If you own a pet, you are probably aware of how strong the bond between animal and owner is. Whether it’s taking a well-earned vacation, visiting a relative, or moving to a different city, you wouldn’t dream of leaving your little buddy behind. If you’ve already travelled with your pet, even for a short distance, you know very well that it’s not that simple. There is a lot of preparation beforehand, and if you don’t do everything right, the trip can be exhausting and even dangerous for your pet. And I’ve realized this the hard way after my hamster got lodged between the car seat.

So if you can’t do it yourself, don’t entrust your animal pal to just anyone. Enlist a professional pet transport service to plan and take care of the whole trip from beginning to end. Many companies that deal with interstate pet transport by road offer door-to-door services that make it extra convenient to ship your pet. It’s like calling a cab to come and get the animal, only you know that it will be in safe hands.

Interstate Pet Transport By Road

Some pet transport companies even offer interstate air shipping, however my tip is to choose ground transport whenever possible. Opposed to airline travel, interstate pet transport by road is a lot more safer for the animal. While the plane’s cargo has no temperature regulation and might be sometimes a little too cold or hot for your buddy, vehicles used to ship animals are always climate controlled. In addition, the professional you entrusted your pal with, will stay around the animal at all times, opposed to planes where animals are housed in separate compartments.

Besides offering the ideal temperature conditions and human companionship, interstate pet transport by road also means that your dog will be taken out for a short walk every few hours. People who work with animals completely understand that this is a basic need for a dog. Arriving to the end point in the shortest amount of time is not the main priority. But making canines feel comfortable surely is. The people responsible for your pet will also call you should they be running late, so you as an owner don’t worry.

Ground transport can be quite entertaining for an animal who is used to riding in a car. However, if it has never been out on the road, an animal can suffer from anxiety during its first ride. Because of the stress it undergoes, the pet can start to tremble excessively and even vomit. Therefore, if you can, it would be nice to introduce your pet to the inside of a car, or even take it for short rides with you.

If your pet is afraid to get inside a vehicle, start gradually by placing food inside. Next time hop together in the car, and pet it for a while so it can feel the environment is safe. When you notice the animal feels relaxed, start to drive slowly while talking soothingly to it. Drive around for a few minutes and stop to give your pal a little treat for behaving so good. Over time, the animal is going to learn to enjoy riding around, and you will find yourself wanting to take it everywhere with you. If that ends up being the case, it’s time to get a kennel and enjoy your mutual trips.