Tips for Creating a Functional and Dreamy Bedside Area

By Maria Rogerson

July 21, 2017Home & Decor

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched a scene in a movie going on in the bedroom and had my eyes drawn to the bedside table, completely ignoring the action taking place. I don’t know who they hire to design the bedside setting, but it’s always stylish and memorable. My own bedside table, used to not even be a table in fact, but a plastic stool where I would place my smartphone before going to bed so that it can sound the alarm in the morning. After I actually decided to make an upgrade to a genuine night stand, my bedroom was instantly beautified.

And usually, there’s not a lot of furniture in a bedroom, which is good for your sleep according to Feng Shui. The few items we decide to include in this room usually serve a practical purpose. But the bedside table is the one bedroom staple that can play a second role as a focal point. Therefore, ugly lamps and impractical clocks have nothing to do on it. Our bedside tables should be interesting but soothing areas, placeholders for things we need close to our grip while we sleep or when we wake up.

A tip when choosing a bedside table, is to go with wood. Wood is timeless and goes well with any bed frame. Concerning colour, crisp clean white will breathe freshness into the room and visually expand the space around your bed. However, if you’d like to add some interest, a table in bold colour that differs from the rest of the furniture will be the spark that stands out. Just remember to match it with another element in the room to achieve balance, like a rug or a mirror for instance.


As far as the décor is concerned, steer away from overcluttering the nightstand. Choosing one with two or three drawers is a nice way to keep clutter hidden a way. On top of it, you should display lovely and stylish items such as a cute little lamp, some scented candles to help you go to sleep and the clock alarm.

I’ve heard people say how alarm clocks are old news, and that rarely does one use them these days. Well, I beg to differ. As opposed to putting a smartphone next to your head where it can emit waves that disrupt your sleep, a silent alarm clock (one that does not tick aloud) will alert you only when necessary. If you’re a person that dislikes the soulless digital clock alarm clocks with a vintage design will bring the right amount of romance to the room. There are also brass models for everyone that’s into industrial style, ones with fun geometrical shapes for the quirky side of you, and classic alarm clock models like the one’s you’ve seen at your grandma’s place.

And then there’s the lamp – another must have nightstand décor that also has a practical purpose of providing you with visibility while you read. In the bedroom where a soothing atmosphere is always wanted, simple unobtrusive lamps are always a good decision. Glass lamps are wonderful for the bedside setting because they can subtly blend in.

These are just a few examples on how to transform your bedside setting, but the rest is up to you and your personal taste. You can include some flowers or plants as a lovely way to bring some relaxing fragrance into the room, or perhaps scented candles if you’re not a fan of plants. Just try to keep your bedside tidy and beautifully arranged. It’s the first thing you see in the morning, make it worthwhile!