Our Tips for What Counts as a Useful and Lovely Baby Shower Gift

By Maria Rogerson

January 3, 2020Blog Gifts

Whether for a friend or a close family member, choosing the perfect baby shower gift can be quite difficult. Although every new mom-to-be has a list that contains all the things she needs for her little bundle of joy, gifting her with something different and unique is a more interesting and therefore a better approach.


What Do You Buy for a Baby Shower Gift?

Opting for a ready-made baby gift set is a very convenient option. There are lots of them to choose from, all ranging in size, price and number of contained products. Baby books, soft cotton rattle toys, baby swaddle blanket and socks are just some of the many products you can find in such gift boxes. But if you want to make things more special, you can put more effort into creating your very own gift box. These unique baby shower gifts can be an exciting surprise for any future mum-to-be. Also, instead of making it all just for the baby, you can opt to include gifts for both the mum and the baby.

For the Baby


Organic Cotton Clothing – Bodysuits, rompers, pyjamas, and playsuits are some of the most popular types of cotton baby clothes. This is because they are the most versatile, easy to use/change and the most comfortable types of baby clothes on the market. But did you know that conventional cotton can also be bad for a baby’s well-being?! Well, this is one of the main reasons for the production of organic cotton baby products.

Is Organic Cotton Better for Babies?

Although both conventional and organic cotton look the same and feel the same at a first glance, the main difference is in the process of making. During the process of making conventional cotton, manufacturers use a range of harmful chemicals and toxins that stay in the clothing forever. On the other hand, organic cotton doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals and toxins which is why its production is much more complex, hence the price higher. So, when deciding to buy organic baby clothing you are not only buying ones that are made of chemical-free cotton. You are buying products that were designed from cotton that has been grown on a pure and chemical-free soil. That special and healthy organic cotton is!

Wooden Toys – Quite often, you can hear older people say that in the past everything was simpler but of higher quality. Well, the same for toys as well. Wood was the only material used for the creation of children toys as it was the most sustainable and safe type of material. And, it still is. Unlike the past, when the type of wooden toys was more limited, these days wood is used for the production of different types of children toys like baby rattles, baby teethers, blocks, stacking toys, etc.


Why are Wooden Toys Better than Plastic?

Just like with conventional cotton, plastic toys also contain a huge amount of toxins and chemicals. This can be extremely dangerous for babies because they love putting things in their mouth. When plastic gets in contact with the saliva, it can leach some of the many chemicals and toxins which can be quite dangerous.

This is not the case with wooden toys, as wood is a naturally sourced material which contains no chemicals nor toxins. Wooden toys are usually manufactured by hand which is one of the reasons why they can meet even the highest quality standards. Since wood is a durable material, toys of this kind are impossible to break which is another reason for their re-gained popularity. Except for this, it’s believed that wooden toys can enhance the child’s development which is a reason more why you should choose wooden toys – age appropriate ones, of course.

Non Toxic Baby Wipes – When it comes to baby wipes, the first choice among mums is Pampers or Nivea baby wipes. But did you know that there is an even better and healthier choice than these – bamboo wipes. Extremely soft and perfect for the most sensitive of all baby skins, bamboo wipes are one of the most popular non toxic baby wipes available on the market. Containing no harsh chemicals, alcohol, preservative or fragrance, bamboo baby wipes are perfect for usage since day one.

Unlike some other types of wipes, these chemical-free wipes are naturally moistened usually with Aloe Vera or vitamin E. Not only are they soft to touch, but they are also extremely durable and dense, allowing mums to pick up any mess without leaving any residue behind. Besides this, you won’t need to worry about any allergic breakouts when using bamboo wipes. This is because these eco-friendly baby wipes are naturally hypoallergenic, perfect for the use in newborns.

For the Mother


Except for the baby, mothers also need to take good care of themselves. So instead of filling the baby shower gift box only with baby-related products, putting something for the mum makes for unique baby shower gifts. By doing this, you’ll help her understand that taking care of herself is also important.

Sweet Almond Oil – Natural oils have been used since ancient times for numerous reasons and luckily we still use them. When it comes to mothers-to-be, one of the most popular natural oil from which they can benefit is sweet almond oil. Sweet almond oil is rich in vitamins and ideal for any skin type, especially for the dry and irritated type. This natural skin moisturiser can be used as natural skin cleanser and makeup remover but it’s also great for massages. Also, it’s great with stretch marks since this oil won’t allow the skin to crack as it’s great in supporting the health of cells and their regeneration. All this is due to its high concentration of fatty acids and vitamins. when buying, just make sure it’s specified that the oil is made of sweet (not bitter) almond. These are completely different species – the first one is edible and more beneficial for the skin.

Skincare Set – Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful things, but it’s no secret that it can involve a lot of sleepless nights for some future mums. This especially goes for the first 3-4 months of this new life, so helping her out would be perfect. The ideal way to do that is by gifting her with something that will make her tired-looking skin glow. Since she won’t have time to apply some fancy clay-like fancy mask, you can put several sheet face masks, under-eye area moisturising pads and several products from her favourite skincare cosmetic line.

Baby Book – Last but not least, adding a baby book to the baby shower gift basket can mean the world to her, especially if she’s having a baby for the first time. The parent’s world can be strange and scary, especially when sleepless nights kick in. Although baby cramps, the need to eat or diaper change are common thing when there’s a newborn, new moms are not familiar with the details of these things. With a book like this, you’ll help her to get to know her baby better and understand what to do in certain situations.