Our Tips On How To Bathe Your Baby

By Maria Rogerson

June 17, 2013Clothes

Every day is an opportunity to enjoy jolly moments with your little baby. And what’s more fun than a nice relaxing bath. It is a common knowledge that babies love water, splashing and sound of water running. And parents love to watch their babies splash water with their tiny feet and hands. Warm bath helps babies relax and develop their motor and observational skills. Therefore, make bath time fun for your baby and get rewarded with sweetest smiles and happy giggles. It is important to choose proper bathing accessories so nothing ruins this perfect moment for your baby. Follow our tips below to learn how to properly bathe your baby.

Bath time is full of happy moments for both you and your baby. It is also an important task for parents, so choose a time of day when both you and your baby are in the good mood. It is important to get into a habit of taking a bath at approximately same time each day. The ideal way is for your baby to get used to bedtime bath. A bath before bed will help your baby relax and sleep better.

  1. Before you start, prepare everything you need for relaxing bath beforehand including diaper, socks and baby girl clothes. Make sure you wash your hands and baby tub before you start filling it with water. Water temperature should be about 37 °C. To make sure water is not hot nor cold, submerge your elbow in water. Also, prepare all bath accessories from water toys and body wash to body cream, cotton swabs and towels, baby blankets and clothes.
  2. Make sure you hold your baby correctly. Holding your baby behind and just below the head will make your baby feel safe. Use the other hand to apply baby wash or shampoo and with a soft cloth make gentle circular movements. First, wipe your baby’s face with a damp cloth. Make sure you pay special attention to areas behind ears, neck, armpits, groins and genitals. Avoid washing your baby’s hair with every bath. Also, avoid baby soaps. Instead opt for body wash or shampoo since they are more practical and will leave your baby’s skin feeling soft.
  3. After the bathing is over, wrap your baby in a warm towel. Use the ones that prove to be the most practical – soft, with good absorption capability and pleasant. Wipe excess moisture paying extra attention to hair. Before applying baby lotion, wrap your baby in a blanket and play for a minute or two. Purchase 100% cotton baby blankets of higher quality to ensure only best for your baby’s skin. While still in the blanket, clean your baby’s ears and nose. Be very careful and extra gentle.
  4. Gentle massage will give great pleasure to your baby. It strengthens the emotional bond between you and your baby, stimulates digestion, blood circulation and improves immune system. You will also further relax your baby and get her ready for the magic realm of dreams. Place little amount of baby lotion onto your palms and with gentle circular strokes gently massage your little angel.
  5. Now, diper your baby and dress her in cotton baby girl clothes. Put on a cotton baby cap until the first feeding.

Hopefully, the above tips will help you make your baby’s every bath fun, relaxed and enjoyable. Of course, it is best you develop your own method that will best duit both you and your baby. The only important thing is to ensure complete enjoymement for your little angel.