Our Tips On How To Choose A Wig

By Maria Rogerson

March 14, 2014Hair care

How many times you have seen an attractive woman whose hair is too good to be true. With the help of  natural hair wigs, it is possible to have hair like the styles you see on the red carpet. Natural hair wigs will compliment your look. If you are afraid of trying different styles and haircuts on your own hair, then natural hair wigs are an ideal solution. You will look like you just came out of the hair salon. However, you need to carefully choose the right natural hair wigs. Have in mind few of the following tips when shopping for natural hair wigs.

Natural Hair Wigs

Determine The Size Of The Wig – Order natural hair wigs that best fit your head size. You will need a  measuring tape to measure your head. Take dimensions from your head circumference, eyebrows to forehead, around the head, and behind the ears. This way you will know exactly which size natural hair wigs will perfectly fit your head. It is important to know exact measurements, since natural hair wigs offer less flexibility than the synthetic ones.

Face Shape – When shopping for natural hair wigs, pay attention to the shape of your face and your skin tone. For example, women that have round faces should go with natural hair wigs that elongate their face. Women with oval-shaped face, are the lucky ones, since almost all wig hairstyles look good on them. Whether you have a round face, square, diamond or oblong face, make sure you find natural hair wigs that flatter your face shape.

Choose The Style – When choosing natural hair wigs, choose the style you are most comfortable with. Probably, you would be most comfortable with the style you already have thus choose natural hair wigs that feature the same style. However, now is the moment to change the style and get yourself a new, fresh look.

Consider Fiber Type – Another thing you need to consider when shopping for natural hair wigs is the type of fiber. Natural hair wigs are natural looking wigs that can be styled the way you like. Unlike the natural hair  wigs, synthetic ones are cheaper, but can not be styled in the same manner as own hair since the fibers are not resistant to heat and certain chemicals found in styling products. If you plan to curl, straight or dye your wigs, then choose natural hair wigs that are more versatile and ideal for different hair looks.