Our Tips On How To Clean Antique Mirror Frames

By Steve George

June 9, 2014Home & Decor

Decorating your home with antique mirrors gives your space a unique and elegant touch. However, a problem comes out when it’s time to clean the mirror frames. If you fail to clean the frames properly, you will end up with damaged mirror frames. To ensure best results, do not buy the commercial cleaning products and start using homemade cleaning solutions that will not damage your mirror frames. You can try several ways to clean the mirror frames, but if you think that is not enough to bring back the beauty of the mirror, then consider professional restoration services. Use the following suggestions to clean the greasy smudges and dusty streaks and restore the beauty and the shiny reflection your mirror once had.

Home Made CleanerAntique mirrors  in comparison to other mirrors are more delicate to clean, so you would want to avoid harsh commercial cleaners and use your own home made instead. What you can do at home to clean the golden mirror frames, is use two parts water and one part rubbing alcohol. It is important to remember, that you should not spray directly on the mirror, but pour the solution on a clean cloth. That way you will protect the mirror frames from all the moisture that is left. If you fail to do that, moisture will damage and devalue the mirror frames.

Use A Suitable Product – If you are not able to thoroughly clean the mirror frames with a wet cloth, you might try doing that with a suitable mirror frames product. If you apply a non suitable one, you will devalue the mirror frame and simply make it greasier than before. So make sure you carefully read the explanation on the back of the product, and see whether it is suitable for antique mirror frames or not.

Use Soapy Water – Give your mirror frames the attention they need. If properly cleaned, you will get a beautiful antique mirror everyone will compliment you on. Before you take your mirror frames to professional restoration services, try cleaning them with a rag dampened in a mild solution of soapy water. However, make sure that you don’t soak the cloth too much since moisture can erode the mirror frames.

Use Professional Services – If none of these home made solutions work for your mirror frames, then you should consider professional restoration services. If spots keep appearing, then you should take the mirror frames to a professional restorer to properly clean and restore the frames you have. Antique restorers have the tool, material and the experience needed to deal with all the damages and to successfully bring the original beauty and shine your mirror frames once had.