Penetration Testing IT Companies – Our Tip Is to Put Your Trust in Their Hands

By Steve George

March 5, 2018Services

Penetration Testing

Every business owner who has an online presence thinks that their network is completely safe and that their firewalls are protecting them just fine. That is, until something happens and they realize that they couldn’t have been more wrong, and now they have to pay a hefty price. For this reason, many IT companies offer the service known as penetration testing (or ethical hacking), where they try to find flaws within your security network to help prevent malicious groups from getting your valuable data.

Even though the penetration testing IT companies perform can be very costly, it’s still cheaper than going through the entire hiring process and employing an in-house tester as a small or medium-sized business. Moreover, dedicated penetration testing IT companies have the latest software and tons of experience under their belt, which almost ensures they’ll do a better job than the people you hire and pay in the long run. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of having your servers, network and entire working environment tested.

Ensuring Business Continuity

User and customer access to your services, network availability and 24 hour communications are key to your business’ operation. Therefore, anything that disrupts them, such as a data breach or DDOS (distributed denial of service), will not only have a negative impact, but it can also cost you a lot of money that you cannot afford to lose. In other words, penetration testing ensures there aren’t any gaps in your security, and that your business won’t suffer from inaccessibility and downtime issues.

Being Complacent with the Rules and Regulations

According to the legal and industry requirements, a certain level of penetration testing is mandatory. Depending on the industry, your business may require occasional penetration testing and security reviews, or a more thorough penetration testing performed by certified and competent testers. This is especially important if you’re handling sensitive customer data, like medical records.

Improving Quality Assurance

If your business is based in an industry that deals with consumer goods, software or other products that require a strong IT infrastructure to drive development and innovation and a secure work environment that is subjected to frequent penetration testing, will help improve your position on the market. Plus, this can help increase the confidence of your customers in your business.

Bolstering Your Own Defenses

Penetration testing can be a powerful tool that you can implement in your own security arsenal. It’s great for training network security staff and their automated security software and systems. It’s always a good idea to employ it as part of a suite of measures like security patches and updates for your operating systems, office software, security software provision, web browsers, user education and threat intelligence.