Rimless Toilet: Find Out Why It’s a Welcome Bathroom Fixture and Tips on How to Buy One

By Maria Rogerson

May 11, 2023Home & Decor

The bathroom has always been a utilitarian room where we start and end the day. And while most features in it, like the sink, bathtub, shower cubicle, vanity and mirror are essential in their own ways, it would be considered incomplete without the indispensable toilet.

What Are the Benefits of a Toilet?

As a piece of sanitation designed to properly and safely dispose of one’s personal waste, it’s an addition that can protect the health of the people in the household, as well as the neighbourhood and community. This is due to its role in the prevention of spread of spread of germs and contamination of the environment. And, what can turn a toilet into an even more beneficial bathroom feature? A rimless design.

Are Rimless Toilets a Good Idea?

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The lack of the inside rim a traditional design comes with can be a handy feature. This is because a modern rimless toilet makes for a more efficient flushing thanks to the direct flush system. This system makes for an even water flow through the entire bowl. As a result, you get no blockages and less of a water waste which is especially important if you care about your carbon footprint and bills.

On the plus side too, it ‘s more hygienic. After all, it’s much easier to clean a toilet that lacks the rim which is a hard-to-reach spot where germs accumulate. You can also expect there to be a lack of bacterial overgrowth and terrible odours. Bonus points if you get the design that’s also equipped with a bidet! And there’s more to it if we also consider the incredible aesthetic.

With a minimalist charm, this toilet brings about a modern aesthetic to the bathroom with a guaranteed touch of sophistication, no matter whether you choose the wall-mounted or floor model. So, if you want to get a nicely looking bathroom that smells lovely at the same time without making you add more to your cleaning chores, the tip is to invest in a rimless toilet with minimalist design.

How to Choose the Ideal Rimless Toilet for Your Bathroom?

Well, it’s a process quite like choosing the ideal traditional toilet – you’d have to consider basics like size, space, installation, features, and style, besides the price and warranty. Keep the following tips in mind:

Toilet Dimensions

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This is important to know so you can make the right choice that adds to the functionality of your personal oasis. In addition to measuring up the designated area in the room for this bathroom fixture, check the desired model’s height, width and depth to be sure it’s the right fit for your home and needs. Even if buying online, it’s imperative to look into these basics so make this step a priority when shopping.

Toilet Installation

Because of the advanced design, the addition of a rimless toilet in the bathroom may turn out to be a somewhat more complex process than the traditional design. Here, it’s necessary to consider the plumbing, whether the toilet is with P or S trap design, as well as the distance between the toilet’s waste outlet and the wall to see if it’s the right fit for you. If it’s too complicated, it’s best to leave the installation bit to the professionals to avoid mistakes and extra unplanned expenses.

Toilet Features

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There’s a wide range of rimless toilets available at the homeware and bathware stores, differing in designs and features, so it would make the shopping easier for you if you decided on the essentials you want in a model. Some are equipped with bidet with different settings such as warm water, posterior and feminine wash, others come with self-cleaning nozzles, and there are those with seat sensor that come with both soft close heated seat and lights.

There are also those that come with massage options, energy saving, noiseless flushing, single or dual flush systems for water saving, and there are even those with UV bacteriostasis. As incredible as all of these sound, however, keep in mind the more advanced features the toilet comes with, the higher the price would be. Speaking of which, that leaves us with the last tip.

Toilet Price

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Buying a new toilet doesn’t have to be a luxurious purchase that drains your wallet as long as you have the budget set for the adequate model with the features that you most desire. Don’t forget, though, there may be installation fees to consider too if you don’t get to do the installation yourself.

Despite the fact the rimless design can help you save up in the long run on cleaning products, air fresheners, and water, it’s still a purchase you don’t want to err. If you want to save up further while investing in such a fixture, one last tip would be to pay attention to the warranty. Convenient warranties of up to five years can be of help especially if you’re dealing with component issues at one point or another.