Tips for Buying Garden Mulchers

By Steve George

August 8, 2017House & Garden Industrial Equipment

One of the highlights of a homeowner’s property is a well-maintained and attractive lawn. It’s oftentimes the first thing visitors and neighbours notice, and it can increase the value of the property by a significant margin.

While a lawn mower will help you keep the grass well trimmed and neat, the key to a healthy and outstanding lawn is in the details. Malnourished patches, yard debris and clumps of grass won’t help your lawn look attractive. In fact, they can quickly ruin it. For this reason, adding a mulcher to your arsenal of garden tools is a great investment and can take you a long way towards keeping your lawn attractive and more importantly, healthy.

A mulcher can be an invaluable garden and yard equipment that has metal blades which grind up household compost, grass clippings, branches, leaves, pinecones, acorns and all other kinds of organic materials into small pieces. Besides being an economical solution to mulching your own garden, it can also help provide a nourishing fertilizer for your garden or lawn.

BBT Mulcher

There are several types of mulchers (depending on the power means) you’ll typically find in a landscaping store and online. The most common types being gas-powered and electric mulchers. Gas-powered mulches are typically more powerful and are an excellent choice for clearing tree limbs, brushes and heavy foliage. On the other hand, electric mulchers are the more environmentally friendly and quieter option.

When buying a mulcher, you have to pay attention to the features:

  • Sturdy handles for easy and quick maneuverability
  • Powerful and fast motors for effective, quick mulching
  • Enough torque to break up tree limbs and large branches
  • Compact storage
  • Sturdy tyres for easy transportation and maneuverability
  • Adjustable settings so that you can adjust the mulcher for different sizes and types of organic materials, such as: tree limbs, acorns, leaves, grass clippings, etc.
  • Rugged construction

Different models have different features to accommodate a wide array of gardening needs. Some come as standard, while others are available as options to the model.

Mulcher accessories should also be considered. Protection equipment in particular. Gloves, safety goggles and sturdy boots can help avoid any type of injury. A mulcher can throw back small or even large pieces of debris that can easily injure you if you’re not wearing proper protective gear. Also, an extension cord can come in handy, especially if you’re working in a large garden. And lastly, quality oil in order to keep your mulcher performing at its very best. Consult a manufacturer’s manual to find what type of oil you need for your mulcher.