Tips for Choosing the Perfect Home Theatre Seating

By Maria Rogerson

May 21, 2018Home & Decor

home theatre reclinersHome theatres are popular in large homes throughout Australia. While most people direct all their attention to choosing the best flat screen TV, an awesome surround sound system, and other technical accessories, they often feel baffled when it comes to choosing the seating. Truth is, the seating is an important factor in the overall theatre experience. After all, your idea of a fun experience does not involve having a stiff neck or nagging back pain after finishing a two-hour-long film, right? In that case, here are some tips on how to pick comfortable home theatre seats that match your awesome audio-visual set-up as well.

Consider Your Viewing Comfort

Home theatre rooms are not just a regular living room where you can put a couch in and call it a day. You need to account for your needs while watching a movie. Since the restricted space in a home theatre does not exactly allow you to put a good amount of distance between yourself and the screen, you’ll end up tilting your head back in order to get a better view. If you sit on a regular chair or sofa, your neck will eventually become sore. That’s why home theatre recliners make the ideal choice. This way, you can switch between an upright position to a reclining one in an instant. You can additionally get ottomans or foot stools for supreme viewing comfort.

Measure Your Current Space

Before you go shopping, determine how much room you have on disposal. Considering how home theatre recliners are usually large and bulky, you need to know how much seats you can fit. If you want to fit more people, consider arranging your theatre seats in aisles. If you do so, make sure that that the seats in the back are elevated so that people seating there don’t have their view obstructed by the people in the front seats.

What about Design?

home theatre seating

Like all furniture pieces, home theatre seating also comes in a wide range of colours, materials, and styles to choose from. Recliners made of leather are more popular than the upholstered varieties due to being more durable and stain resistant to spills and food. Usually darker colours and subtle designs are preferred as they do not take the focus off the screen.

Some Useful Features

Home theatre seats can come with a number of convenient features that make your viewing experience more pleasant. From storage compartments for remote controls, to cup holders and snack trays – theatre seats are designed to help people relax and enjoy themselves.