Quality Bedding Equals Quality Sleep: Tips on Making the Most of Purchasing Doona

By Maria Rogerson

May 18, 2018Home & Decor

Sweet dreams are made of… quality bedding. Yes, you read that right, bedding has a great say in the quality of sleep, so there’s more to the bed than the choice of mattress. When I say bedding I don’t mean simply sheets, but also the thicker items, like the doonas.


The doona, that also goes by the name of duvet, quilt, dyna, and comforter in different parts of the world, is the piece of bedding, a soft flat bag piled up with feathers or down, that’s exactly what you need for those chilly autumn nights soon to come.

The world of doonas has become versatile nowadays, so along with choosing whether you want to buy one filled with feathers or down, you also have the choice of picking from different materials they’re made of, like the natural 100% cotton, or wool (just what you need if you’re a cold sleeper), ideal for people dealing with allergies and asthma – that would be the first tip, making sure you choose the material accordingly.

Synthetics may be easier to take care of, not needing as much extra maintenance, but they are still synthetics and have chemicals in their basis which doesn’t exactly make them the ideal choice.

Unlike natural ones, that are more lightweight, absorb any moisture, adding to their thermoregulating properties and luxurious feel (what five star hotel comfort is like!), synthetic ones overheat easily, and won’t keep you dry.

Then there’s also the consideration of weight: if you need normal warmth, 300 grams is the option, whereas looking for a warmer and cosier experience, look for 500 or above.

As soon as you’ve finished up with the purchase, you have to remember to keep the doona aired often, shaking it up well, leaving it in the sunshine first thing in the morning in order to keep it fresh from the dust mites and dead skin cells that pile up over night.

Doing so regularly would prevent dust mite infestations, the main problem for people with allergies. Don’t forget to read through the labels and instructions as well, so you can extend the durability.

If you want further protection, it’s advisable to purchase a doona cover. Covers are decorating accessories in disguise, that have a role in the interior décor of the room, since they can be found in a variety of colours, and patterns, that can help you spice things up with texture.