Tips for Choosing the Right Bathtub for Your Baby

By Maria Rogerson

October 29, 2020Shopping

mum bathing her baby


Feeling nervous about your baby’s first bath? You’re not alone! It’s common for new parents to be filled with trepidation when it comes to bathing their little one for the first time. But don’t worry, before you realise, you’ll master the bathing process! The right baby bathtub could be just what you need to make washing your bub a super simple process. But what to look for in a bathtub?

Is It Suitable for a Larger Age Range?

It’s a good idea to choose a bath that will give you no problems as your baby starts to grow. If you get a standard newborn bathtub, you may find it too small for your child as he/she grows up into a toddler. One good example of a bathtub you can use in the future as well is a hammock or convertible tub. With these tubs, you get to use the attachments that come with them to configure the size of the bathtub regardless of your child’s size.

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You can also choose a bathtub for baby that comes with inserts you can remove when the little one needs more space to splash or sit up. These tubs usually have a gentle incline to put your child in an upright position comfortably.

Does It Offer Sufficient Water Capacity?

You need to pick a bathtub for baby that can hold enough water for your child. You’ll find it hard to give your baby a bath properly in a bathtub that is too shallow. Don’t compromise water capacity for convenience of storage. You’ll regret the convenience of being able to store the bath in a small space when you find yourself struggling to give your baby a bath easily.

Is It the Right Size?

It isn’t smart to get a baby tub that is way too big for your child either as it could increase the risk of drowning or injury. However, you shouldn’t get a tub that is too small as well as it will only cause difficulty when cleaning your baby properly.

To get it right, consider the recommended size of tub given by your baby’s pediatrician. Manufacturers tend to include size guidelines for their buyers depending on age. Bathtubs that come with removable stages are a great option as they can be used with infants and toddlers. The removable stages restrict water capacity as well as the position of the child for safe bathing.

Does It Come With a Temperature Gauge?

temperature gauge


To prevent bathing your baby in extremely hot or cold water, consider a bathtub that is designed with a strip or drain plug that indicates the temperature of the water. You can purchase a temperature gauge separately if you want to, but you will save more if it comes with the tub. Experts recommend the water temperature for your child’s bath to be always below 37 degrees Celsius.

Is It Easy to Dry?

It’s a commonly overlooked feature – how easy the bathtub dries. Since you’re going to wash your baby once or more each day, it’s vital that the tub dries quickly and easily. If any spot of the tub remains constantly damp, then you’ll have mould and mildew growing before you realise. So, look for tubs made of mildew-resistant material whenever possible.

Different Types of Baby Bathtubs

In your quest for the best bathtub, you will find many different types available. Let’s get familiar with the most common varieties.

Standard Plastic Bathtub

plastic bathtub


This type is nothing more than a plastic tub that sits in your sink. It comes with no bells or whistles, just a simple tub for you to bath your baby in.

Hammock Bathtub

hammock baby bathtub

source: @kj_essentials_for_baby

Newborns are unable to support their own body and parents have only two hands, which makes it difficult to both support and wash a baby at the same time. A hammock bathtub will hold your newborn in place, leaving you with a free hand to wash your little baby’s body.

Convertible Bathtub

convertible baby bathtub


This bathtub is designed to grow with your baby. Suitable for newborns, infants and toddlers, convertible bathtubs ensure you get the most value for money over the bath tub’s use.

Inflatable Bathtub

inflatable baby bathtub


This type comes flat, taking up minimal room and once filled with air, it becomes a tub that can hold enough water and a baby. While these tubs offer superior portability, they are less durable than other bathing options.

Fold-Up Baby Bathtub

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Traditional bathtubs can be surprisingly bulky, which can make storage difficult. When emptied a fold-up bathtub can be shrunk down to a fraction of their original size, allowing the tub to easily te tucked away in a cabinet. However, due to its ability to collapse into a smaller product, fold-up tubs tend to be smaller than regular baby baths. This bathtub is a great option to take when travelling.

Bucket Bathtub

As the name suggests, these tubs look more like a bucket than a bathtub. They are designed to hold just enough water and your baby upright. While bucket bathtubs may seem like a tight fit, they can help calm a baby who hates being bathed. In Europe, baby buckets are used in many hospitals.

When the time to bath your baby arrives, make sure you have everything you need nearby before placing your baby in the bathtub. If you need to walk away from the bathtub, take your baby with you. While baby tubs have features that keep your baby’s head above water, they are not a substitute for your attention. Have a nice and safe first bath!