Tips for Choosing the Right Dual Cab Ute Canopy

By Steve George

February 21, 2022Cars

If you’re after a vehicle that is made to last without much focus on the latest trends in vehicle infotainment technology, then a ute is what you should be looking for. Utes are versatile vehicles, as they offer driving comfort as well as powerful performance, not just on the road but off of it too. With utes, you get good visibility forward and a high ground clearance which is what you want when traversing unknown terrain.

But when you want to build a shack from scratch at your mates’ place, utes can help you transport the necessary tools for the job, as they have large cargo space. They may look like a pickup truck, but utes drive much like a sedan due to their unique design. Another thing that makes utes so versatile are accessories, especially canopies.

Should I Put a Canopy on My Ute?

picture of a canopy on an ute outside

For some people, installing a canopy on a ute is more of a personal preference rather than an absolute must. A ute canopy can provide protection from the elements and thieves for your gear and equipment. Although they aren’t considered must-have 4×4 accessories, ute canopies can still help enhance your off-roading experience. So, if you want to add all this extra functionality, then you should consider installing a canopy on your ute.

Benefits of Aluminium Ute Canopies


If you have a dual cab ute, getting a dual cab aluminium canopy is almost inevitable. Why? Because it doesn’t add a lot of weight to an already heavy vehicle. Aluminium dual cab canopies are lightweight when compared to steel ones. Because of this, they do not affect your fuel mileage as much.


It doesn’t always mean if something is light that it’s also frail and won’t last a long time. In fact, with an aluminium dual cab canopy, quite the opposite is the case, as it is a longer-lasting solution than its heavier counterpart, steel. This is because an aluminium dual cab canopy comes with a naturally occurring layer that keeps it safe from rust and corrosion. No rain will alter the integrity of an aluminium canopy.


picture of a canopy on an ute outside parking lot

Because of its oxide layer, aluminium dual cab canopies can withstand all kinds of adverse weather conditions. No matter whether mud or seawater get on the aluminium ute canopy, it will keep your gear and equipment safe. What’s better, an aluminium canopy won’t have its lifespan shortened the more it’s exposed to these kinds of conditions.


One thing that you will find drastically different with a dual cab aluminium canopy is its looks. Aluminium ute canopies just look better than any other canopy, for that matter, unless painted. There’s no question about it. Steel canopies may look more rugged, but they are not nearly as stylish as aluminium ones.

Installing a Dual Cab Aluminium Ute Canopy

picture of an ute with aluminum canopy  on a parking lot
  1. While not all aluminium dual cab canopies are the same, when it comes to the installation process, there isn’t that big of a difference between different sized canopies. The first thing you’ll want to do even before you start installing your aluminium ute dual cab canopy is lay a blanket down on the ground.
  2. Do this in order to prevent any scratches when you get your canopy out on the ground. Make sure you have your aluminium dual cab ute canopy placed on its roof on the blanket before you start mounting it.
  3. While some aluminium dual cab ute canopies are installed using various fasteners, there are others that can be installed with some waterproof adhesive. The latter makes the installation process a lot easier and the former makes for a more secure hold. The waterproof adhesive is still able to hold the canopy in place pretty well.
  4. No matter if you go the fastener or adhesive way, once you apply the adhesive around the body of the ute where the canopy gets mounted, or put every fastener in place, it’s time to secure the canopy onto your ute. If you used an adhesive, then you just need to place the aluminium dual cab ute canopy on your vehicle properly. Make sure you have someone to help you here as this is no one-man job.
  5. If you went with fasteners, then make sure to place the canopy before you install the fastener or just put them in their designated holes. Ensure that the fasteners are not tightened all the way before you’ve positioned your aluminium dual cab ute canopy properly.
  6. Only then should you proceed to fasten all the nuts and bolts to their correct torque levels, which are usually provided in the instruction manual that comes with the canopy. Proper torque levels ensure better fit and one that will ensure the canopy stays on your true for a long time.