Tips for Choosing the Right Roof Rack for Your Toyota Hiace

By Steve George

February 21, 2022Sports

Vans are commuter vehicles that are able to provide the most amount of space both for passengers and luggage. One of the most popular commuter vans is the Toyota Hiace van. This commuter vehicle is big enough to accommodate up to 15 people, with plenty of legroom as well as headroom. This is thanks to its long wheelbase which can have a 9.8 cubic meter cargo handling capacity.
No matter if it’s people or goods that you want to transport, with the Hiace you can do it without a hitch. But when you want to do both at the same time, you will either have to split the capacity of both passengers and equipment or acquire additional storage space. This is where most people decide to install Toyota Hiace roof racks on top of their van to keep additional items on. By increasing your storage space, you will keep the passenger space that the Hiace offers.

Benefits of Roof Racks

toyota hiace roof rack

Extra Storage

The main reason why people install roof racks on their Hiace is to be able to drive around with more stuff without the need to tow a trailer. Unlike a trailer, Hiace commuter roof racks allow you to increase storage space without making it harder to handle your van. 

Prevent Damage

When you put items on a roof rack, you ensure that they are not going to get damaged. If you install the roof rack properly and secure your items to it the right way, then you won’t have to worry about your Hiace getting damaged or the items. 


Alongside other Toyota Hiace accessories, Hiace commuter roof racks can be used for more than just storing items. You can easily get a tent that you can install on the roof racks and set it up on top of your van. This way you get a safer shelter since it sits higher from the ground.


Having roof racks on your Hiace will offer you a place to install additional accessories, such as lights and awnings. If you are an adventurer, both of these accessories can come in handy, and by having a roof rack set up on your Hiace you won’t have to worry about where to install them.


If you don’t like the simplistic look of a Hiace you can spice things up with a roof rack system. As long as you get a complimentary pair of Toyota Hiace roof racks that are of the same colour as the bumpers and/or side door skirts, you can up your Hiace’s appeal. Of course, if that’s something you want to improve upon, otherwise, you can just go with any roof rack that will do the job.

What Should I Look for When Buying a Roof Rack?

toyota hiace roof rack


While getting a Hiace roof rack may seem like you just need to get one that is compatible with your van’s roof, that isn’t the only thing you should look for. The material of which a roof rack system is made is quite important too. The stronger the material, the more durable and rigid the roof rack will be.
A steel Hiace roof rack will last you a long time but be sure to keep it safe from corrosion and rust by having it coated in a protective layer. You can go for an aluminium one if you don’t want to worry about maintaining the protective coat on your steel roof rack, but keep in mind that aluminium roof racks are lighter and therefore not as strong as steel ones.


As mentioned above you can put accessories on your Hiace roof rack. As long as you get a roof rack with the right accessory points for the accessories you want to add. If installing accessories is not on your list, then you should focus your attention on the weight rating of your roof racks.

Weight Rating

The weight rating determines how much weight the roof rack can hold. The items that you want to secure to them need to be under the weight rating limit of the roof racks. Also, read your owner’s manual and see how much weight the roof of the Hiace can withstand, as that is important as well.

What Are the Different Types of Roof Racks?

toyota hiace roof rack


The most convenient roof racks you can get for your Hiace are those that mount to the factory fitted rails of your van, if there are any. There are two types of rail roof racks – solid and raised. The latter fit to rails that sit higher than the roof of your Hiace, while the former is mounted on rails placed right on the surface of the roof. Raised rail racks are able to carry heavier loads but are not as big as solid ones. Solid rail racks are longer and have a lower profile, but they don’t allow you to pack much.


With gutter mount roof racks you don’t need to have anything on your Hiace’s roof to attach them to. These roof racks go in the rain gutters which makes them easy to install whilst being able to offer high load limits. Gutter roof racks are a great universal solution.

Fixed Point

The sturdiest roof racks you can find for your Hiace are fixed mount roof racks. These attach with the help of a stud that is threaded through a factory fitting point found on your Hiace’s roofline. While you get no flexibility when it comes to the position of the roof racks, you get a neat looking system with a reasonable load limit.


If your Hiace has factory fitted tracks or you’re keen on installing aftermarket ones, then you should go with track mount roof racks. Track mounted roof racks allow you to position them anywhere on the roof of your Hiace and they are also quite easy to install. Installing aftermarket tracks, however, can be rather difficult.


Also known as clamp mount, door mount Hiace roof racks go on the paintwork of your van with the help of a clamp that is placed in the top part of the doorframe. When no other options are available for your Hiace, this is the best solution you can come across as it is not that difficult to install. The downsides of door mount roof racks are that they come in direct contact with the paintwork of your Hiace which can easily lead to scratches and they offer low load limits.