Tips for Dog Owners: How to Ease Your Pet’s Anxiety

By Maria Rogerson

April 15, 2021Blog

Our furry friends, just like us, can develop an anxiety disorder for many different reasons. Whether it’s separation anxiety, social anxiety, or some other type of this debilitating illness, it’s hard enough for people, but when it comes to dogs it’s even harder.

They can’t use language to tell us what’s wrong or explain why they’re feeling the way they are, so it’s imperative that we, like their owners, and more importantly, friends and caregivers take on the responsibility to figure out the whys and find a solution for them.

owner hugging her dog

No matter what type of anxiety your dog might have, there are certain steps you can take to make sure their life is easier and as anxiety-free as possible. The first step is to always consult a veterinarian and have your pup checked out for any physical ailments.

Once it’s established that your dog is physically fine and suffers from an anxiety disorder, these are some of the most important steps you can take toward their recovery.


Before reaching for the meds, you’ll need to find a good dog chemist that will work with you in identifying the issue and recommend the best therapy there is. Pet chemists are well versed in both physical and mental illnesses in our furry friends and they can be quite the ally when the time to treat them comes.

However, the fact that your pup will benefit from some sort of medication stands. Just like human anxiety disorders, dog anxiety disorders can be helped with meds as well as supplementation. Still, human meds are actual pills, while dog anti-anxiety meds are usually in the form of treats or supplements that can be given to the pup without scaring them, although pill-like meds also do exist.

medication for dog

The key with medication for anxiety is to be creative about administering it. Dogs with anxiety are usually very scared of unknown things, so you’ll need to mask the med with a piece of food to be able to get the pup to take it more easily.

If you try to force your dog to take a pill as is you’re risking them becoming agitated or more scared and losing trust in their best friend – you, which is something you really want to avoid if you want to be able to help your pet.

Make sure to consult your pet chemist throughout the treatment period. They’ll have the best ideas and will really help you out with expert and proven advice.

A Good Dog Bed

Moving on, you’ll need to take care of your dog’s physical comfort to make sure their mental one can follow freely. Aside from removing any triggering items and stuff that can hurt them, you should also add things that will help.

A good anti-anxiety dog bed is a start. These beds aren’t your regular doggie beds that are just comfortable. They are specially designed medical aids that are made to soothe your pup and help them find peace and tranquillity.

They are items that can be found in specialized stores, something you can also ask your pet chemist for help with. Usually made of special inner materials like memory foam to ensure snugness and softness accompanied by outer materials that are fluffy and comforting, anti-anxiety dog beds have been proven to help.

dog laying in his bed

Make sure to pick a bed in the right size and also one that has an outer material that won’t agitate your dog. Test out different materials first to make sure your dog is okay with them and then make the final decision.

These beds also provide good support for the body, which means that if you have an old dog with anxiety issues, they will be able to help their bones rest properly and will give them more energy every day, taking them a step closer to feeling better and recovering.


Finally, the last but maybe most important thing you can do is give your dog all the attention in the world.

I know it might be hard as you’re probably busy with work and everyday life, but try to incorporate your pup in your daily activities as much as you can. Take them on regular walks through areas you know aren’t going to be triggering for them. Cuddle them and spend time just chilling together, napping or listening to music.

Your dog is in a very fragile state and you are their sole comfort. Having that one-on-one time with you will probably make things much better than any other methods combined. You’re your dog’s whole world and in times like these, you really need to show up for them.

girl giving dog some atention

Another thing to take care of is their diet. Make sure they’re eating good food that is compatible with their age group and size and features all vitamins and minerals they need. You can also cook meals for them if they have issues with store-bought food, but if you don’t have the time, just make sure to give them at least one fruit or vegetable they love a day to boost their system, but also treat them.

Proper nutrition is something that’s recommended to humans with anxiety disorders as well, so monitoring your dog’s food and water intake and making sure they’re up to par with all recommendations is quite necessary.

You can ask the dog chemist at the pharmacy for animals for help with this too, as they are experienced, as I said, in many different ailments pets can face, so they’ll be able to recommend a type of food or a whole diet you can follow to help your dog get better in no time.