Tips for Sprucing Up Your Patio: Make Family Gatherings Unforgettable

By Maria Rogerson

February 1, 2022Home & Decor

There is nothing better than enjoying a late summer night outside, accompanied by a zesty glass of wine while having all your loved ones in one place, slowly talking the night away, and creating memories that will last for a lifetime. One way you can enhance the whole experience is by making sure your outdoor space is warm and inviting so that everyone feels at home.  

Whether your outdoor space is small or large, you can always perk it up. There are always options and accessories that can elevate the look of your patio while still providing durability throughout the seasons. So, without further ado, here are some tips that can make that happen. 

Invest in Teak Furniture 

Choosing the right outdoor furniture should be the first thing on your list. Not only does it complement your patio and garden, but it also offers comfort for the whole family. If you decide to upgrade your current furniture, one of the most popular, high-quality materials for outside is teak. 

patio bench

Teak (Tectona grandis ) is a large deciduous tree native to the Southeast Asian countries of India, Thailand, Myanmar, and Laos. Thanks to the natural oils and high rubber content, the teak wood stays water-resistant, highly durable, rot, and termite resistant. In the beginning, the wood has a golden colour, but as it ages over time, the colour becomes soft grey. Take proper care of it and teak furniture will last you for many generations.

Luckily, there are many teak furniture pieces you can choose for your patio and garden. If you want to add a unique piece to your garden, then a quality teak garden bench will complete the look. A wooden bench allows you to rest and enjoy the nice weather outside while having your arms relaxed on the armrests. Whether it is an oval teak bench or a standard rectangular one, you decide which design suits you the best. 

However, make sure that the bench’s size fits your family’s needs. Not too small and not too large. And even though the teak garden bench tends to be pricier, it all pays off in the future due to its quality and durability against the different temperature changes, plus it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance.  

Also, a single modular sofa made of teak is another way that you can add a bit of freshness to your patio. It is low maintenance and water-resistant. What’s more, adding a sofa can help you maximize your space and have various seating arrangements along with chairs. 

Create a Focal Point with a Fire-Pit 

What can be more enjoyable than indulging in a deep conversation long in the evening hours while still feeling warm even though it might be chilly outside? Or maybe take some bacon or chicken and have it roasted with some vegetables?

Fire-pits offer that while still being aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Many types of fire pits will elevate your patio or garden decors, such as wood-burning fire pits, stone fire pits, propane fire pits, gel fuel fire pits, and natural gas fire pits. You can even have a table fire pit or have it in a bowl shape. It all comes down to your preference. Also, there are cast iron chimineas that are great for keeping you warm on a chilly night, plus you can cook on them as well. 

Showcase Your Greenery in  Concrete Planters and Plant Shelves 

patio plants

There is nothing more relaxing than looking into the greenery in your garden. Flowers can have a positive effect on your mood. That is why the planters have to match their beauty and the setting. There are different planters, such as plastic, ceramic, fibreglass, terracotta, etc., but the concrete ones offer a striking and contemporary look. You can place them in your garden, balcony, or close to the patio and watch how the whole ambient transforms. 
However, if you have a lot of plants, you can organize them by having a plant stand. This way, everyone will admire the beauty of your flowers, and you will be happy with the extra space.   

Add a Pop of Colour with Accessories

One of the best ways you can make your outdoor setting fun and comfortable is by replacing the pillows, cushions, and chair pads, of course, if they are faded or don’t fit into your new decor anymore. There are a lot of vibrant colours and patterns that invite everyone to sit, relax and have a good time. However, when purchasing new ones, make sure that they are waterproof and water-resistant, mildew resistant, and won’t fade from the sun.  

Statues and Trays as Decor 

Last but not least, you can always accessorize your garden and patio by incorporating small statues or serving trays. You can place some dwarf statues in your garden or some prominent sculptures. Many modern ones with different shapes can elevate the look around your patio as well.

You can also use a serving tray as decor on your patio table. You can place it in the middle of the table and place a plant, bottle, and glasses inside. Or you can have some books. Of course, you can add whatever you like and let your creativity take over.   

To sum up, the outdoor decor is just as important as the interior. With a little bit of work, you and your family can enjoy the weather outside and the bonding moments spent together