Our Tips on Riding an Electric Longboard

By Steve George

January 18, 2023Sports

There’s something about cruising around on a longboard that would make anyone feel free and alive. It’s also an excellent way to get out in nature, breathe in some fresh air, and get a dose of physical activity as well. Whether you’re cruising around your neighbourhood or hitting up a local park, this thing takes you anywhere you want to go.

While the traditional longboard is still widely popular, a lot of people switch theirs for a reliable remote control longboard, which offers a whole new level of convenience and fun. Not only does it save you the effort of pushing, but it also has a variety of other benefits like saving time and energy and being environmentally friendly. These longboards are powerful, efficient, and easy to ride. They come with a wireless remote control that allows you to adjust the speed, braking, and acceleration.

remote control longboard
Source: stokedrideshop.com

So, if you want to try out a modern motorized longboard and revolutionise your riding experience, here are some helpful tips on how to ride one properly!

Wear Protective Equipment

When it comes to longboarding, it’s super important to wear protective gear. I mean, you’re rolling around on a board at high speeds, and in case of an accident, you’re going to want to make sure you’re protected.

The most important piece of protective gear is a helmet, which is essential for protecting your head from injuries. Elbow and knee pads protect your joints from injury in case of a fall. Wrist guards are also a good idea as they protect your wrists from sprains and fractures.

To protect your feet when riding an electric-powered longboard, wear shoes with a good grip, reinforced toes, and ankle support. This activity takes a toll on your shoes, so they should be durable enough to withstand harsh wear and tear. I don’t recommend longboarding in flip-flops or sandals as they don’t provide enough protection.

Kick-Push Tactics

To start your remote control longboard. you need to use a technique called kick-pushing. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to kick-push your board properly:

-Stand on the board with one foot and place the other on the ground beside it;

-Push off the ground with your foot and you should start to move forward;

-As you start to pick up speed, hop up onto the board with your other foot;

-Once you’re both feet on the board, you can increase your speed by using the throttle.

It’s important to note that before kick pushing, you should check that your motorized longboard is in a safe mode and not at a high speed. Also, make sure to keep an eye out for any obstacles and traffic, as this technique won’t be as fast as using the throttle.

kick push on electric skateboard
Source: e-skateboarder.com

Proper Stance

Be sure to stand properly on your longboard to maintain balance and control while riding. The centre of the board is typically the best place to stand, as it provides the most stability and balance. Keep your knees slightly bent to absorb any shocks or vibrations that might occur while riding. This will also help you maintain better control of your ride.

If you’re backpacking and carrying bulky items like sleeping gear, I recommend that you keep your weight centred over the board and avoid leaning too far forward or backward. This will cause you to lose stability and increase your risk of falling.

When it comes to foot positioning, I recommend keeping one foot in front of the other, with your back foot slightly behind your front foot. This helps you easily shift your weight and make quick turns if needed.

How to Turn

Is it difficult to turn on an electric longboard? Well, it’s a bit more difficult than turning on a traditional longboard, due to the added weight and speed of the motor. However, if you practice it enough, it’ll become much easier for you.

One of the ways to make a turn easier is to use the right technique. To turn, shift your weight onto the back foot, and use your front foot to guide the board in the desired direction. It’s important to lean slightly into your desired direction, which will help you turn more easily.

The type of electric skateboard longboard you’re riding also affects how difficult the turning is. Some models have a tighter turning radius than others, which makes turning more difficult. Look for boards that have high-quality trucks and wheels, this will make it easier to ride and maintain stability.

turn on an electric longboard
Source: e-skateboarder.com

How to Brake

Braking on a motorized longboard is an important skill to master to ensure safe and controlled riding. Here are a few ways to brake on your board:

-Electric Brake: Most electric boards come equipped with an electric brake that activates by a button or lever on the remote control. This brake uses an electric motor to slow down the wheels, and it’s the most efficient way to stop;

-Foot Brake: Another way to brake is by using a foot brake. You do this by dragging one foot on the ground while riding, which creates friction and slows you down;

-Coasting: You can do this by simply releasing the throttle, which causes the board to slow down gradually;

-Emergency brake: If you lose control of your board, and need to stop it quickly, it’s possible to use the emergency brake. Simply turn off the power to the motor using the remote control, this will make the board stop instantly.

I also recommend that you practice braking in a safe area away from traffic and other hazards, become familiar with the braking system and then you’ll be able to brake efficiently and safely.