Tips to Enjoy the Richness and Flavour of Your Gin

By Maria Rogerson

April 29, 2021Alcohol Food & Drink

Australian gin is booming in the past few years. Crafting new gins is an ongoing trend in Australia these days and doesn’t seem like it’s going to change anytime soon. The gin production in Australia has seen a whole raft of new botanicals added to the traditional juniper focused spirit. Australian distillers have further explored the use of native botanicals to boost versatility in the gin craze and catch the interest of consumers.

Gin can showcase local indigenous botanicals better than any other spirit, including lemon myrtle, Tasmanian pepper berries, wattle seed, river mint, the nut of bunya pine and more. Aussie gins have a unique and delicious taste, they are versatile and fun to play with. The generous range of locally made craft varieties fills liquor cabinets at top restaurants and trendy speakeasy bars, but with all the pandemic restrictions and the lockdowns, it became very popular to buy gin online.

Ways to Drink and Enjoy Your Gin


Australian gin has crafted itself onto the spiritous map by celebrating the key ingredient, juniper, but adding an Australian twist on it. So, if you’re ready to take your gin experience to the next level and sip your way through some expertly, finely crafted gins, you can buy gin online and enjoy its richness and flavour in the comfort of your home.

You can find a variety of tasting packs, perfect for experimenting with flavours as every pack offers a diverse palette of Aussie gins. Whether you’re trying gin for the first time or you want to experiment with something new, here are a few suggestions for the best combinations you can make.

G&T: The Legendary

Gin and tonic is the most popular way to drink your gin, a legendary combination that has been delighting drinkers for centuries. All you need is your gin, tonic water and a garnish for the drink. Make sure the tonic water is always chilled because if the tonic is warm, the whole mix will taste sweeter. When it comes to garnishes, some gin lovers prefer a lemon slice to a lime slice, while on rare occasions you may even see a glass of gin and tonic garnished with an orange slice.

Gin & Cucumber: The Classic

If you know a gin lover, then you know that they always keep a cucumber in their fridge. That’s because anytime might be “gin time”, and gin and cucumber is one of the all-time classic drink combinations. The watery vegetable highlights the botanical flavours of juniper, pepper or citrus, creating a delicious mix.

Gin Martini: The Traditional

Martinis are made with gin, not with vodka. A martini consists of gin, dry vermouth and optional bitters. A traditional dry martini is made with dry white vermouth for less sweetness, while a dirty martini includes a splash of olive brine, which gives it a saltier and more savoury taste. Try your gin in a Martini or a somewhat neutral drink to highlight botanicals and taste the magic only a gin can do.

Drinking Your Gin Straight: Yes, or No?

Gin is perfect for cocktails due to its dry, herbal and refreshing taste. It’s not too sugary and when mixed with sweet fruit juices, it can create a balanced cocktail. The possibilities for gin cocktails are endless and it’s safe to say there is a gin out there to suit all tastes, but these days a lot more gins are designed to be drunk neat.

Don’t be afraid to drink your gin neat because when it comes to gin, the most important thing is learning and appreciating the full course of flavours, especially the key botanicals infused within. Naturally, to enjoy a spirit neat it must be of good quality.

It’s best to sip neat at room temperature. Swirl the spirit in your mouth and let the warmth hit your tongue. A good gin will not burn, but you can add a bit of cold water before swirling it one more time. This will allow the botanicals to come through and you can recognise qualities, scents and flavours, so when you move to another gin you could easily make a comparison.

Gin Glasses: Drink Your Gin in Style

Every gin connoisseur needs the right gin glasses to prepare their favourite cocktail in style. You can opt for old fashioned, crystal cocktail glasses or gin balloon glasses. They are all elegant and versatile as well, and a great addition to your gin corner.

A Few Reasons to Love Gin More

Low on Calories

Moderate alcohol consumption has been linked to certain health benefits, however, not all beverages are created equal. When it comes to gin, gin lovers praise their choice of drink for being one of the most calorie-friendly spirits as it contains fewer calories than wine or beer.

Assists with Digestion

The bitters used to create gin can boost stomach acid and digestive enzymes and can help to break down any meal. Also, gin can be helpful against heartburns.

Prevents Bloating and UTIs

Juniper berries are diuretic and can prevent water retention. Due to this, gin can help fight bloating and flush out toxins and bacteria more often.

Promotes Regeneration of Cells

The berries used in gin contain antioxidants and have antifungal and antimicrobial properties as well. Antioxidants can help you get healthier-looking skin and promote the regeneration of cells within the human body.

However, remember to always seek professional medical advice before consuming any alcohol-based beverages.